Kinect Party - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 400 points.
 Six Pack (20 points)
You've got a big living room!

Have six people being tracked by Kinect sensor at one time during any of the minigames. I recommend trying to do this on the constellation channel (the guy holding a telescope) if you have a smaller living room, a glowing wire will be around each person to show which people are being seen, and which are not. You could always try using props and whatnot to trick the Kinect if you cannot get six people. You can use this thread to help you with tricking the Kinect if you are struggling.

 Let Me Pick (20 points)
You picked a channel to watch!

Select and play any channel.

 Social Butterfly (20 points)
You shared a photo!

This will require a Facebook account. Wait for the kinect to take a picture of you automatically, or press  to take a picture. Then proceed to share the photo by pressing  again, or using the kinect command prompt "Share this photo".

 I'm Your Huckleberry (20 points)
You shared the wanted poster with gold blocks!

This will also require a Facebook account. Choose the guy at the bottom left of your screen with the "photos" hat on to enter the "darkroom". Choose a picture of yours and select the "Wanted" border for your photo. Then choose the style that is on the very top row second from the left. You'll see gold bars on the bottom left hand corner of the wanted photo. Then share.

 One Hour Photo (20 points)
You used the darkroom!

See "I'm Your Huckleberry."

 Channel Surfer (20 points)
You played through every channel!

Simply select each channel once, you do not need to actually play them. You can just select one channel and continue using the  and  buttons to change channels automatically and eventually this will unlock.

 Shutterbug (20 points)
You filled up the camera roll!

Press  while in a channel to take a picture. Keep taking pictures and eventually you will fill up your camera roll.

 We Were So Young (20 points)
You watched a photo recap!

After every four pictures you take, you'll get a photo recap after you finish your current channel. Watch the whole recap.

 Fowl Ball (20 points)
You watched Fowl Ball!

Start up any channel, and use your  or  to skip to the next minigame. Eventually a little comedy clip will play. Watch the entire clip. Keep on doing this until you get the correct clip to watch the "Fowl Ball".

 Enter Your Initials (20 points)
You defeated every enemy in Hyperspace!

Select the channel with the guy holding a pink wire-frame model. Play through the game and once you beat the "boss stage", this unlocks. You do not need to defeat every enemy, only beat the boss.

 Way of the Fist (20 points)
You broke every object in the bonus round!

When you first start up the game, you will be automatically put into a karate type channel where you can destroy boards, jars, and other items as they come onto your screen. When you get a bonus round the objects will start coming out faster, destroy all of the items in the bonus round. This is a lot easier with another person.

 Dragon's Breath (20 points)
You breathed fire!

You can get this on three different channels, the channel with the guy holding paints, the channel with a guy holding a castle, or the channel with the guy holding a pirate head. On all three you can eventually wear a dragons mask, just say something while wearing it and you will breathe fire.

 I'm a Little Teacup (20 points)
You created the teacup constellation!

Choose the channel with the guy holding a telescope, make this pose and hold it until you create the teapot constellation.

 Special Order! (20 points)
You prepared extra awful popcorn for the scoop!

Complete the channel that has the guy holding popcorn.

 Abracadabra (20 points)
You cast fairy magic!

Choose the channel that has the guy holding a fairy wand. Keep collecting the items appearing on the top of your screen until a fairy wand appears, collect it and wave your wand.

 ARRRRRRR! (20 points)
You found a treasure chest filled with gold!

Choose the channel that has the guy holding a stick with a parrot on it. Keep on digging up the treasure chests until you find one with gold in it. Running in place might help you dig faster, and could also help if you have back problems and don't want to lean down to dig.

 What Are The Odds? (20 points)
You got struck by lightning twice!

Choose the channel that has the guy holding the umbrella. Just stand there and eventually you will be struck my lightning, just do that twice.

 It's ALIVE!!! (20 points)
You powered up the Tesla Device while shooting lightning!

Choose the channel that has the guy holding a box with two antennas on it. At your feet there will be things that look like that achievement picture. Shoot lighting at them and this achievement will unlock. It has also been reported that if you are playing with another person that if you strike their Tesla pack on their back that this achievement will unlock. Talking seems to help lightning shoot out of your hands as well.

 Outfoxed (20 points)
You caught the desert fox!

Choose the channel that has a guy holding a piece of land with cactus on it. Keep playing this game until you see a fox running on the ground, run him over.

 Crowd Funding (20 points)
You got at least 2 players to throw money!

This achievement requires two people. Choose the channel that has a guy holding a pirate head, there will be bubbles of different items floating upwards. Eventually you will see a bubble with money floating in it. Have one player get the money first, then wait for it to appear again and have the other player get the money.


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