My Body Coach 3 - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 13 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Assessment completed (30 points)
Profile created
 Good start! (30 points)
Do the first session in the program.
 Zenitude! (60 points)
Obtain 2000 Zen points.
 Towards inner peace (150 points)
Obtain 5000 Zen points.
 Master of wisdom (170 points)
Obtain 25000 Zen points.
 Master of Breathing (90 points)
Complete all the Breathing exercises.
 Master of Relaxation (110 points)
Complete all the Relaxation exercises.
 Okay, we're done here (30 points)
Update my profile.
 Perfect synchronization (50 points)
Update my profile 100% 10 times.
 Relaxation Mission accomplished! (50 points)
Complete 100% of the Zen goal for the day.
 A quick Zen warm-up (40 points)
Do 1 hr. of Relaxation exercises.
 Adept of Relaxation (90 points)
Do 20 hours of Relaxation exercises.
 Your efforts will pay off (100 points)
Finish your program.

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