Karaoke - Achievements
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There are 30 achievements with a total of 400 points.
 Debut! (5 points)
Congratulations on your debut!
 Variety (5 points)
So many songs in your repertoire!
 One More Time (5 points)
Sing the same song twice in a row
 Incoming Transmission (5 points)
Added a song via Smart Glass
 Free Song (5 points)
Come back and try some more freebies soon!
 Favorite Medley (5 points)
Sing 5 Favorite songs back to back
 Strike A Pose (5 points)
Your Fans are copying you!
 Shutter Chance! (15 points)
Even your Fans can't do this!
 Crowd Pleaser (15 points)
Turn up the heat with your poses!
 Live And Direct! (20 points)
Capacity limit? What capacity limit?
 Eye In The Sky (30 points)
Sea of Fans!
 Next Big Thing (10 points)
Earn 10,000 or more Fans in 1 session
 Take The World by Storm (20 points)
Earn 15,000 or more Fans with one song
 Memory Lane (20 points)
Register 100 songs in History
 Don't Stop The Music (20 points)
Congratulations on going the distance!
 Bronze Medal (10 points)
Aim for the top!
 Silver Medal (20 points)
Welcome to the top!
 Gold Medal (30 points)
You are the greatest!
 Platinum Medal (50 points)
Best singer in the world!
 Axe Man (5 points)
Do a gig with a guitar in the backup band
 Slap Happy (5 points)
Do a gig with a bass in the backup band
 Beat It (5 points)
Do a gig with a drum set in the backup band
 Hey! DJ! (5 points)
Do a gig with a DJ in the backup band
 Virtuoso (5 points)
Do a gig with a keyboard in the backup band
 Give Me Some Backup! (5 points)
Do a gig with a chorus in the backup band
 Hey Big Spender (10 points)
Use 30,000 Moola all at once when leveling up
 The Stage Is Set (10 points)
Reach for your dreams!
 Golden Jubilee (15 points)
Sing 50 songs
Secret Achievements
Back For More (20 points)
Your Fans are waiting for you...
Strike Gold (20 points)
Become the Legend!

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