AlphaJax - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Unpredictable (5 points)
Create a random game
 Bingo (15 points)
Clear your rack in a single move
 Primary (10 points)
Play your first 50-74 words
 Secondary (10 points)
Play your first 75-99 words
 Tertiary (10 points)
Play your first 100+ words
 Initial (15 points)
Win your first game
 Squeaker (10 points)
Win a game by less than 5 points
 Compound (5 points)
Score a word multiplier and a letter multiplier with one word
 Compatriot (10 points)
Play a game with a friend
 Proficiency (5 points)
Play a skill match game
 Replay (5 points)
Play a rematch
 Proposal (10 points)
Start 5 games by inviting other players
 Inaugural (10 points)
Complete your first game with no tiles remaining
 Duplicate (5 points)
Score 2 word multipliers with one word
 Philologer (10 points)
Score 300-399 in a game
 Decennial (15 points)
Play 10 games
 Jubilee (15 points)
Play 50 games
 Vocabulist (10 points)
Score 400-449 in a game
 Glossologist (15 points)
Score 450+ in a game
 Lexicographer (10 points)
Get a rating of 1500+

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