Shark Dash - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Hungry (5 points)
Eat 3 or more ducks in a single shot.

First obtainable on Home Level 1. Just fire the Shark straight upward with full power, eating all three of the ducks on the level.

 Duck Meet Mouth (5 points)
Duck jumps directly into the shark's mouth.

First obtainable on Home Level 2. Aim the Shark towards the orange pillar on the left at full power. Concentrate on hitting the second dot from the bottom of the pillar. This will cause the pillar to tip and the duck to fall into the Shark's mouth.

 Rubber Ring (5 points)
Jump through a Rubber Ring.

In the 4th level (Home) you will encounter Rubber Rings for the first time. They are green and you need to shoot the shark through the ring to get a boost!

Ring looks like this:

 Inflatable Explosion (5 points)
Make an inflatable block explode.

Inflatable blocks are transparent colored and they look like ice cubes. You'll encounter the first one in 5th level (Home). You need to shoot the shark through the block and it will break. As soon as it breaks, you get the achievement.

Inflatable block looks like this:

 Underwater Pop (5 points)
Release a duck from its bubble underwater.

First obtainable on Home Level 11. If you do nothing at the start of the level, it will unlock when a soap block falls immediately and releases the three underwater ducks.

 Liberation (5 points)
Free a Shark and return him to the water.

First obtainable in Japan Level 7. Fire the blue Shark to the left along the surface of the water into the floating orange block. The red Shark will become free and float to the surface, unlocking this achievement.

 Cutter Shark (10 points)
Cut 3 or more bath chains in a single shot.

First obtainable on Japan Level 18. Use your first shot to position the Shark between the brown block and orange pillar right in front of you at the start. Then, fire the Shark up and to the right, cutting both chains holding the purple salt block and the next one holding the Rubber Ring. This may take a few tries to get the angle right.

 MVP Shark (10 points)
Launch a ball through a Rubber Ring.

First obtainable on Home Level 17. From the start, launch the Shark STRAIGHT up at full power. This will knock both balls off the edge into the Rubber Rings, unlocking this achievement.

 Bursting Bubbles (10 points)
Pop 9 or more bubbles in a single shot.

First obtainable on Home Level 20. From the start, launch the Shark through the inflatable block to the right, collecting the 3 ducks and right into the 6 mines that are all encased in bubbles. You will die, but you will also unlock the achievement.

 Dizzy Block (10 points)
Make a block rotate more than 1,000 degrees.

1,000 degrees is just shy of three complete spins. This achievement is easily obtainable on Hotel Level 15. Launch the orange Shark down and to the left towards the corner at full power. Use the Shark's power-up (by tapping or clicking the screen) to move upward and hit the circular floating block. The circular block will fly up, destroy the mine, then roll out of the tub. At some point while it is spinning and falling off screen, this achievement should unlock. This may take a couple tries to get the round block rolling correctly.

 Block Overboard! (10 points)
Launch a block outside the bathtub.

You just need to knock a block out of the bathtub. This is easily obtainable on Japan Level 2. From the start, launch the Shark directly at one of the green soap blocks resting on the outer ledges of the bathtub, knocking it over the edge.

 Fireworks! (10 points)
Make 7 or mines explode consecutively.

First obtainable on Home Level 19. From the start, launch the Shark to the right destroying the inflatable block. This will cause the mine to roll down and destroy the other 5 mines, unlocking the achievement. Even though only 6 total mines are destroyed, the achievement unlocks.

These are what mines look like:

 Deep Blue (10 points)
Eat 6 ducks underwater in a single shot.

This is one of the trickiest achievements in the game. The best level to attempt this on is Home Level 11. You need to fire the shark at full power towards the closest group of three underwater ducks, aiming for the middle one. Your Shark will eat all three of those ducks. You also need to time it so the green soap block that automatically falls at the beginning of the level hits your Shark while underwater to push it to eat the other three ducks. This will take many attempts just to get the timing right. See the picture below for the best angle.

 A Little Nudge (10 points)
Make a shark jump by hitting him from below.

In level 10 (Japan) you will need to release a beach ball under water to launch it into a tunnel and it will push the 2nd shark into the mines and you get the achievement. You're going to be aiming like this:

 Come to Poppa! (15 points)
Have 3 ducks jump directly into the shark's mouth.

This is most easily obtainable on Hotel Level 21. First launch the orange Shark to the left so it is out of the way. Then use it to destroy the inflatable block at the bottom to free the blue Shark. Then shoot the orange Shark up to destroy the inflatable block in the middle. A ball will fall, knocking all four ducks in the tunnel down into the blue Shark's mouth.

 Drying in The Sun (15 points)
Be outside the water for more than 7 sec.

You need to get the Shark to stay out of the water for 7 seconds. It also has to be in motion as if it stops the level will be failed. This achievement can easily be obtained on Japan Level 6. Your first objective from the start of the level is to use any number of shots to cut the chain holding the green block. Then, launch the Shark at full power into any of the tube openings. Your Shark will get trapped spinning in a figure-eight pattern for a good 10 seconds or more, easily unlocking this achievement.

 Party Popper (15 points)
Destory 3 or more inflatables in a single shot.

This achievement is first obtainable on Hotel Level 17. First, arch the Shark from the start over the stack of two inflatable blocks landing before the cluster of mines. Then dive down to hit the sprayfish, which will launch the ball into the mines. Then launch your Shark at full power into the upper entrance of the piping. This will launch your Shark through all three inflatables on the level, unlocking the achievement.

 Sprayfish Party (15 points)
Activate 3 sprayfish with one shot.

First obtainable on Hotel Level 6. From the start, launch the Shark at full power into the left side of the closest sprayfish. There will be a chain-reaction and all three will be activated (spray a stream of water upwards), unlocking this achievement.

 Shark Got Bounce (15 points)
Bounce 7 times or more during a single shot.

First obtainable on Home Level 8. Use your first shot to break the inflatable block. Wait for the orange block to fall down flat. Then launch your Shark into the tube system so it bounces back and forth repeatedly before falling out. It may take a few tries to get to 7 before falling out.

 I am Iron Head! (15 points)
Receive 3 or more impacts in the same shot.

An impact is when one Shark hits another one. There is a specific sound for when this occurs. This is obtainable on Japan Level 5. For the first shot, fire the Shark on the right under the mines so it is next to the left Shark. From this point, just keep gently launching whatever Shark is to the right on top of the other Shark's head on the left while it is next to the wall or ball. You need to get the Shark to sort-of balance on top of the other one's head so it can keep bouncing. It is easy to get 2 impacts with this method, but within a few tries you can get 3 or 4.


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