Shark Dash - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Hungry (5 points)
Eat 3 or more ducks in a single shot.
 Duck Meet Mouth (5 points)
Duck jumps directly into the shark's mouth.
 Rubber Ring (5 points)
Jump through a Rubber Ring.
 Inflatable Explosion (5 points)
Make an inflatable block explode.
 Underwater Pop (5 points)
Release a duck from its bubble underwater.
 Liberation (5 points)
Free a Shark and return him to the water.
 Cutter Shark (10 points)
Cut 3 or more bath chains in a single shot.
 MVP Shark (10 points)
Launch a ball through a Rubber Ring.
 Bursting Bubbles (10 points)
Pop 9 or more bubbles in a single shot.
 Dizzy Block (10 points)
Make a block rotate more than 1,000 degrees.
 Block Overboard! (10 points)
Launch a block outside the bathtub.
 Fireworks! (10 points)
Make 7 or mines explode consecutively.
 Deep Blue (10 points)
Eat 6 ducks underwater in a single shot.
 A Little Nudge (10 points)
Make a shark jump by hitting him from below.
 Come to Poppa! (15 points)
Have 3 ducks jump directly into the shark's mouth.
 Drying in The Sun (15 points)
Be outside the water for more than 7 sec.
 Party Popper (15 points)
Destory 3 or more inflatables in a single shot.
 Sprayfish Party (15 points)
Activate 3 sprayfish with one shot.
 Shark Got Bounce (15 points)
Bounce 7 times or more during a single shot.
 I am Iron Head! (15 points)
Receive 3 or more impacts in the same shot.

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