The Gunstringer: Dead Man Running - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Back from Hell (10 points)
Complete tutorial and level 1 in Story Mode.
 Need New Shoes (10 points)
Run 25000 meters in one session
 Sharp Shooter (10 points)
Take down 35 Destructible Targets in one session
 Sidewinder (10 points)
Run through 60 turns in one session
 Powered-Up (10 points)
Collect 10 Powerups in one session
 Treasure Hunter (10 points)
Collect 8 Treasure Chests in one session
 Gold Fever (10 points)
Collect 2500 Gold Coins in one session
 World 1 Champion (10 points)
Beat World 1 in Story Mode
 World 2 Champion (10 points)
Beat World 2 in Story Mode
 World 3 Champion (10 points)
Beat World 3 in Story Mode
 Filthy Rich (10 points)
Have 10,000 coins at any one time.
 Social Butterfly (10 points)
Invite a friend
 The Challenger (10 points)
Send 25 challenges
 The Undisputed (10 points)
Complete 25 challenges
 My First Purchase (10 points)
Complete your first purchase
 High Roller (10 points)
Make your 50th Purchase
 Packed to the Hilt (10 points)
Unlock all Powerups
 Fully Loaded (10 points)
Fully upgrade all Powerups
 All Dressed Up (10 points)
Buy a new costume set.
 Master Badge Collector (10 points)
Unlock all Badges in the three worlds of Story.

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