Wordament (iOS) - Achievements
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There are 10 achievements with a total of 50 points.
 Beat your Frenemies (5 points)
Beat all your Frenemies in a round
 Sweet sixteen (5 points)
Find words that use all 16 tiles at least once in one round
 Theme word (5 points)
Find a theme word in a round
 "Autobiographical" (5 points)
Find the longest possible word in a round
 Better than half (5 points)
Place better than 50% of the players in a round
 Multilingual (5 points)
Play Wordament in more than one language
 Swipe those tiles (5 points)
Complete 10 rounds
 Sore fingers (5 points)
Complete 100 rounds
 CH a CH IN g (5 points)
Find a digram word in a round
 Spin Cycle (5 points)
Rotate the board and find more words in a round

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