WSOP: Full House Pro - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 36 achievements with a total of 500 points.
 Next Round On Me! (5 points)
Buy a round of drinks for the table after winning a Showdown during a Multiplayer game.
 Multitasker (5 points)
Customize your avatar while sitting at a table.
 Slow Playa (5 points)
Timidly check at least twice before winning a Showdown.
 Bathroom Break (5 points)
Preset every action, and sit out at least once.
 Rockets in My Pocket (5 points)
Aggressively bet your pocket aces on any round and win the Showdown.
 Trend Setter (5 points)
Host a Multiplayer game with a customized table, chair, and card style.
 Salt the Wound (5 points)
Buy the Tip Jar Souvenir for another player after busting them out in a Multiplayer Ring Game.
 Wired Pair (5 points)
Collect your bonus chips five times in a row without missing a consecutive bonus.
 Hollywood It (5 points)
Watch every tutorial video.
 Going Blind (5 points)
As the Big Blind, go all-in before the flop in a Multiplayer game.
 Mano a Mano (10 points)
Win a Heads-Up Tournament.
 On Tour (10 points)
Play at all three table locations in Caesars Palace, Harrah's New Orleans, and the Amazon Room.
 Seven Deuce Abuse (10 points)
Win a Showdown with 7 2 offsuit as your hole cards.
 Diamond in the Bluff (10 points)
Get all remaining opponents to fold on the river with three or more diamonds on the board.
 Down the Toilet (10 points)
Lose a Showdown with a flush.
 Raise Your Game (10 points)
Win a ranked Tournament.
 Aaron Has Left the Building (10 points)
Defeat the first Pro in a Single Player Pro Takedown Tournament
 Chair Glue (15 points)
Win 10 full-table Multiplayer Standard Tournaments.
 Poker Sharp (15 points)
Win a Tournament while wearing customized headwear and top.
 Trick Rolled! (15 points)
Perform a different chip trick on every betting round in a hand and then win the Showdown.
 Poker Master (15 points)
Earn level 50.
 High Steaks (20 points)
Buy yourself a T-Bone Steak at a million-chip (or higher) buy-in table.
 River Fishing (20 points)
Get two or more players to fold on the river, and then reveal a High Card hand.
 Up and Coming (20 points)
Win the All-Pro Tournament.
 Deuces Cracked (20 points)
Bust two or more players in the same hand.
 Nice Quads (20 points)
Quadruple your buy-in during a single Multiplayer Ring Game.
 Naval Battle (25 points)
Win a Showdown in which more than one player reveals a full house.
 A Cool Million (25 points)
Leave the table with a profit of at least 1 million chips in a single Multiplayer session.
 Stacked (30 points)
Earn enough chips in a single game to reach the third tier of the pyramid chip stack formation.
 Poker Pro (40 points)
Earn level 100.
 Hog Wild (10 points)
Win every pot in a hand with one or more side pots.
 It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere (10 points)
Participate in any Happy Hour Event.
 Big Game Hunter (10 points)
Participate in 5 Big Game Events.
 A New Challenger! (20 points)
Complete 5 Challenges.
 Challenge Yourself (25 points)
Complete 10 Challenges.
 The Final Countdown (25 points)
Pre-act 5 times during the same hand at the Final Table in a multiplayer game.

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