Blobster - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Supreme Vertigo (5 points)
Jump 100 yards up in the air

You will get this achievement without even trying. Either get your blob large enough by eating food to jump this high, or collect the power-jump pick up.

 Obese Blobster (5 points)
Eat blob food

This achievement unlocks when you eat enough food (red pick-ups that have a plus sign in them) to grow your blob to maximum size. You will reach maximum size in many of the levels in Arcade Mode, so do not worry about this one too much. Level 1-10 has enough food to reach maximum size, so just keep collecting it until this achievement unlocks.

 Blobule Bandit (5 points)
Collect 100 blobules without dying

See "Lord of the Blobules" for more information.

 Lord of the Blobules (15 points)
Collect 300 blobules without dying

You need to collect 300 blobules without dying. This sounds tricky but it is actually quite easy. Level 2-12 is great to earn this achievement on. The level has nearly 200 blobules that can be collected in less than 1 minute and it is essentially impossible to die. From the start of the level, just fall down into the area with all the blobules and springs. Collect as many as you want. 150 is probably good. Then pause the game and restart the level. Collect as many more blobules as it takes to unlock this achievement, which will depend on how many you got on your first go.

 Robinson Crusoe (10 points)
Get through 10 levels without dying

See "Immortal Blobster God" for more information.

 Immortal Blobster God (15 points)
Get through 20 levels without dying

You need to complete 20 levels in a row without dying. Luckily, they do not need to be different levels, meaning you can play the same level over and over again to earn these achievements. Level 2-1 is best for this achievement. Just load up the level and keep completing it. It only takes about 10 seconds to finish the level (ignoring collecting the blobules), so your should knock both of these achievements out in just a few minutes. Be sure you hit the restart button at the end of the level each time when it pops up. Do not pause and restart or advance to the next level as it can reset your progress towards 20.

 Blobzillas treasure (10 points)
Find a hidden blobule

Hidden blobules are larger than normal ones and are bright reddish-orange in color. They are not that well hidden in general and you will likely see and gather most of them without even trying

This hidden blobule is found in Level 1-8. You will climb up to a catapult, launch into a tower, then go through a pipe. Launch off another catapult and into another tower. Get yourself up to where the second tower was and launch yourself to the right to the edge of the level. Zoom-out to see the ledge you are aiming for.

 The Eye of the Blobule (10 points)
Find a hidden blobule

This hidden blobule is found in Level 2-1. From the start, fall down and head up the platform over the water to the right. Keep going right over some small conveyor belts, and then onto a larger one. At the very top of this large conveyor belt, jump up and to the right onto a platform. From that platform, jump straight up one more to reach the blobule. If you are having trouble reaching the blobule, collect a few blob foods from the level to be able to jump high enough.

 Bouncing Blobster, Hidden Blob (10 points)
Find a hidden blobule

This hidden blobule is found on Level 3-2. From the start of the level, launch the second catapult into some platforms that wiggle. Pick up the two blob foods in the area, and then jump straight up to the next platform. From here, jump straight up again to reach the hidden blobule. Zoom-out if you are having trouble finding this one.

 Blobtopia Messiah (10 points)
Find a hidden blobule

This hidden blobule is in Level 4-5. From the start of the level, go all the way down and into the water. Work your way back up the right side of the level, all the way to the top to the green pipe exit. Instead of going into the pipe, go around it to the right and land on top to find the last hidden blobule.

 Level Complete (5 points)
100 % complete on any level

See "World Wipe - Winter" for more information.

 World Wipe - Meadow (10 points)
100% complete on the entire world

See "World Wipe - Winter" for more information.

 World Wipe - Desert (15 points)
100% complete on the entire world

See "World Wipe - Winter" for more information.

 World Wipe - Jungle (15 points)
100% complete on the entire world

See "World Wipe - Winter" for more information.

 World Wipe - Winter (20 points)
100% complete on the entire world

These achievements are awarded for 100% completing each world of the game. Getting 100% on a level is done by collecting all of the blobules on the level and then making it through the green pipe at the end. To 100% a world, you must 100% the first 10 levels. Once you finish the first 10 of each world, 3 additional, more unique levels are unlocked, but are no required to be played for the achievements.

The blobules are almost always easy to find. They are not well hidden at all. If need be, use the binoculars button in the top right corner of the screen to zoom-out and see what is around you. Remember, you must make it through the green exit pipe after collecting all the blobules on the level for it to count.

You can check your completion percentages on each level of the game from the Arcade Mode level selection screen.

 Going the Distance (5 points)
Over 1000 yards in Survival game

See "Perpetuum Mobile" for more information.

 Perpetuum Mobile (15 points)
Over 5000 yards in Survival game

This is without doubt the hardest achievement in the game. Reaching 5000 yards is no easy task with luck, or even taking your time with skill jumps. Fortunately, there exists an exploit that will give you this achievement with little to no effort or skill.

Basically the exploit involves using the zoom-out binoculars button in the top right of the screen. What you need to do is start Survival Mode like normal and try and get as high as you possibly can, at least into space (black background). When there, push and hold the zoom-out button. It will zoom-out quite far, and after a few seconds the screen will slowly begin to pan to the right. This is essentially the glitch. Your blob will go off screen, but keep holding the binoculars. To get distance added to your total, rapidly release and re-press the button until your blob is back on-screen. The moment it appears again, push and hold the zoom-out button once again. Remember to be quick here, or you blob can hit an enemy or fall into the water. I recommend holding the binoculars button down for 10 minutes are a time, then tapping it quickly off and on until the moment the blob is back on screen. Then hold the button down again. Repeat until the achievements unlock. In total you will probably need to hold the button down for around 30 minutes. It should also be noted the description is wrong; you are only required to get 4000 meters, not 5000.

 Assassin (5 points)
3 enemies killed in Survival game

You need to kill three enemies in a single play of Survival Mode. There are plenty of enemies. Just take your time, jumping from platform to platform. The bubble shield pick-ups are very useful in earning this achievement. It will unlock as soon as you kill the third enemy.

 Long Distance Blobber (5 points)
Over 1000 yards in Race game

See "Supreme Voyage: World's End" for more information.

 Supreme Voyage: World's End (10 points)
Over 1400 yards in Race game

Race Mode gives you one minute to get as far as you can. Basically you just need to go fast, with hope of getting lucky and hitting some speed boost arrows to go higher. You only need to reach 1400 meters, which is not that hard at all to surpass with a small amount of luck. You should have both of these achievements in a few minutes.


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