Wordament (Web) - Achievements
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There are 10 achievements with a total of 50 points.
 Swipe those tiles (5 points)
Completed 10 rounds
 Spin Cycle (5 points)
You used rotate to find more words
 Beat your Frenemies (5 points)
You beat all your Frenemies in a round
 Multilingual (5 points)
You've played Wordament in more than 1 language
 CH a CH IN g (5 points)
You found a digram word
 Theme word (5 points)
You found a theme word
 Sore fingers (5 points)
Completed 100 rounds
 Better than half (5 points)
You placed better than 50% of the players in a round
 "Autobiographical" (5 points)
Found the longest possible word in a round
 Sweet sixteen (5 points)
You played a game where you used all 16 tiles to make words

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