Monsters Love Candy - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Sugar On Top (5 points)
Win 10 multiplayer games
 Pure Sugar (5 points)
Feed and evolve your first Monster
 Candy Chemist (5 points)
Use every Boost in the game
 Jawbreaker (5 points)
Play 100 games
 Rainbow Eyes (5 points)
Customize your Monsters or Candy from the Store
 Sugar Sands (5 points)
Reach the Desert World
 Monster Master (5 points)
Evolve a Mythical Monster
 Sweet Tooth (5 points)
Acquire Monster Research L1 in the Store for all 10 Boosts
 Mystery Flavor (10 points)
Win 50 multiplayer challenges against Random opponents
 All You Need is Friends (10 points)
Have 10 Friends playing the game
 Top the Candy Mountain (10 points)
Evolve 200 Monsters
 Sugar High (10 points)
Have all 15 Crowns in any World
 The Candy Touch (10 points)
Use 10 different Legendary Boost Monsters
 Back to the Sweets (10 points)
Return to the game 10 days in a row
 A World Much Sweeter (15 points)
Evolve all Monsters in a World
 Know the Ice Cream Man (15 points)
Reach the Tundra World
 Sugar Rush (15 points)
Get promoted to Research Level 30
 Everlasting Globetrotter (15 points)
Visit the last Location in the Coastline World
 Shooting Sugar Stars (15 points)
Earn 3 Stars in all Locations in a World
 Monsters Love Your Candy (25 points)
Earn 225 exploration Stars

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