Shark Dash - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Hungry (5 points)
  Duck Meet Mouth (5 points)
Duck Meet Mouth
 Rubber Ring (5 points)
Rubber Ring
  Inflatable Explosion (5 points)
Inflatable Explosion
  Underwater Pop (5 points)
Underwater Pop
 Liberation (5 points)
  Cutter Shark (10 points)
Cutter Shark
  MVP Shark (10 points)
MVP Shark
  Bursting Bubbles (10 points)
Bursting Bubbles
  Dizzy Block (10 points)
Dizzy Block
  Block Overboard (10 points)
Block Overboard
 Fireworks (10 points)
  Deep Blue (10 points)
Deep Blue
  A Little Nudge (10 points)
A Little Nudge
  Come to Poppa (15 points)
Come to Poppa
  Drying in The Sun (15 points)
Drying in The Sun
  Party Popper (15 points)
Party Popper
  Sprayfish Party (15 points)
Sprayfish Party
  Shark Got Bounce (15 points)
Shark Got Bounce
  I am Iron Head (15 points)
I am Iron Head

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