The Dark Knight Rises - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Dark Wings (10 points)
Glide 300 meters
 Going Up (10 points)
Reach 90 meters in height
 Higher Ground (10 points)
Use the Grapnel Gun 30 times
 Close Combat Expert (10 points)
Defeat 20 melee enemies
 Bulletproof Bat (10 points)
Defeat 15 ranged enemies
 Tech Master (10 points)
Defeat 10 enemies using gadgets
 Silent Predator (5 points)
Perform 5 Silent Knockouts
 Experienced (10 points)
Reach level 5
 Helping Hand (5 points)
Assist the Police 1 time
 Innocents' Protector (10 points)
Help 10 Civilians
 Bomb Defuser (5 points)
Defuse 15 bombs
 Juggernaut (10 points)
Defeat 100 enemies
 Revolutionary (15 points)
Get all Bane Graffiti collectibles
 Avid Reader (5 points)
Get all Police Criminal Records collectibles
 Scientific Breakthrough (10 points)
Get all WayneTech Blueprints collectibles
 Cheating Death (15 points)
Defeat Bane
 Locked and Loaded (10 points)
Get all Character upgrades
 Picking Up the Scent (10 points)
Defeat Bane's 1st Captain
 One Step Closer (15 points)
Defeat Bane's 2nd Captain
 The Bigger They Are (15 points)
Defeat Bane's 3rd Captain

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