Samurai vs. Zombies Defense - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Money Bags (5 points)
Save up 15,000 coins without spending it
 No Way... (5 points)
Revive yourself with a Charm
 Clear the Room (5 points)
Kill 250 undead with the Katana Wave ability
 This land is Safe (25 points)
Complete all 50 Waves
 Spider Demon (5 points)
Kill the Jorogumo
 Halfway There (15 points)
Complete 25 Waves
 Get back here! (5 points)
Kill 50 chochinobake
 Send them back (5 points)
Kill 50 Oni
 All we need (5 points)
Beat a wave without summoning allies
 We must protect this house (5 points)
Complete 10 waves without allowing any damage to the Gate
 So Long (5 points)
Kill the Demon Shogun
 Coward (5 points)
Beat a wave without attacking
 They got this (5 points)
Beat a wave using only farmer and swordsmith
 Razor Sharp (5 points)
Kill 100 undead with the katana slash
 Who's all here? (5 points)
Summon Every possible unit
 Finally…… (20 points)
Get one wave up to level 99
 That took forever (60 points)
Get all 50 waves to level 99
 You are winner hahaha (5 points)
Launch 1000 pachinko balls
 Every able body (5 points)
Upgrade 25 farmers with the swordsmith
 We need shotguns (5 points)
Upgrade 25 archer with the rifleman

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