Team Crossword - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Daily Fun! (15 points)
Complete a daily crossword.
 Crossword Addiction (5 points)
Complete ten daily crosswords.
 The Casual Crew (10 points)
Complete a casual crossword with four players.
 The Standard Squad (10 points)
Complete a standard crossword with four players.
 The Pro Party (10 points)
Complete a pro crossword with four players.
 A Huge Help From My Friends (10 points)
Complete a crossword with at least three other members of your team.
 The W-Team (5 points)
Earn a Platinum medal with your own team.
 Word Domination (10 points)
Score a hundred and fifty points for a single completed word.
 Speed Wording (10 points)
Solve a crossword under five minutes.
 Power User (15 points)
Use each power-up at least once.
 Word Champ (20 points)
Complete a multiplayer crossword in first place.
 Big Winner (10 points)
Earn five token awards or more in a single game.
 Lord of the Words (5 points)
Earn at least six thousand points in crossword score.
 Know ALL the Words! (10 points)
Fill a hundred words across multiple crosswords.
 Community Leader (10 points)
In a multiplayer game, be the first to complete a word affected by a Community Hint bonus.
 Et tu, Amicus? (10 points)
Lock a word's hint and get it completed by a member of your team.
 Stay Calm and Play On (10 points)
Fill a word that was affected by someone else's Bomb power-up.
 I Love Every Cat (10 points)
Duplicate at least a hundred points from a single word completed by a member of your team.
 Crossing words (10 points)
Score fifty bonus points from word-crossing with a member of your team.
Secret Achievements
Crossword Insanity (5 points)
You had twenty puzzles running at the same time.

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