Angry Birds Rio - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Breakout! (10 points)
Clear all Smugglers' Den levels
 Jungle Fever (10 points)
Clear all Jungle Escape levels
 Beach Life (10 points)
Clear all Beach Volley levels
 Samba! (10 points)
Clear all Carnival Upheaval levels
 Going Somewhere? (10 points)
Clear all Airfield Chase levels
 Victory! (10 points)
Clear all Smugglers' Plane levels
 Birds vs. Monkeys! (10 points)
Clear all Market Mayhem levels
 A Star is Born (10 points)
Earn 40 stars in total
 Rising Star (10 points)
Earn 100 stars in total
 Star Performer (10 points)
Earn 150 stars in total
 Mega Star (10 points)
Earn 280 stars in total
 Stellarvore (10 points)
Earn 500 stars in total
 Birds of the Feather (10 points)
Unlock Blu and Jewel
 Aerophobia (10 points)
Unlock Blu
 Fruit Salad (10 points)
Collect 6 different golden fruits
 Enthusiastic Player (10 points)
Play for 30 minutes in total
 Dedicated Player (10 points)
Play for 2 hours in total
 Half-a-Millionaire (10 points)
Earn 500 000 points in total
 6 Million Dollar Bird (10 points)
Earn 6 000 000 points in total
 Multi-Millionaire (10 points)
Earn 17 500 000 points in total

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