Narco Terror - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 400 points.
 Upgrade (10 points)
Upgrade a weapon

See Fully Upgraded

 Fully Upgraded (30 points)
Upgrade all weapons

To upgrade a weapon, you must first reach the required amount of money (the purple numbers in the top left of the screen) and then hold to open the gun menu and us to select the gun you want to upgrade, then to upgrade it.

Pistol 1 - $500 (Fire rate + laser sight)
Pistol 2 - $1200 (3-round burst)
Shotgun 1 -$1000 (Range + Flashlight)
Shotgun 2 - $3000 (Increased Spread + Damage)
Assault Rifle 1 - $1500 (Shoots faster, seems more accurate too)
Assault Rifle 2 - $4000 (Dual wield!!!!)
Minigun 1 - $1800 ( I have no idea, but it's a minigun!)
Minigun 2 - $6000 (Shoots two bullets at a time)

Any upgrades purchased on weapons will carry through a death, even if you lose the newly picked up weapon in the process.

 Some Like it Hot (10 points)
Kill 20 enemies with grenades

Grenades are scattered throughout the game, and once you pick them up you can throw them with . Getting 20 kills should occur during the first mission, as you will in fact get hundreds of grenade kills throughout a single playthrough (unless you don't use them, for some reason).

 Pieces of You (30 points)
Kill 6 enemies with a single grenade

This can be done pretty much anywhere, with groups of 6+ enemies being very frequent, and the explosion radius of grenades being MASSIVE. Make sure you have some grenades first (they're below you're purple money in the top left) and then use while aiming in a direction to throw the grenade. You automatically chuck it to the edge of the screen, so you will want to throw it if you see the first couple enemies in a group coming toward you. Grenades are very common, so there's no real reason to not throw grenades frequently, as well.

Do note that this achievement is pretty much given to you near the end of the first mission. After doing the minigun sequence, you'll hop onto a dumpster with a three pack of grenades and a ton of guys on the other side of the fence. Toss a grenade and you'll kill at least 6 of them (probably closer to 10)

 Starting a collection (10 points)
Find 5 collectables

See The Collector.

 The Collector (30 points)
Find all the collectables

There are purple money collectibles scattered throughout the game that you will want to pick up for this, as well as to get a small boost in your wallet size. If you die, you will need to collect it again, however if you miss one, you can go back and get it via mission select later, and the achievement will unlock as soon as you pick it up (if it's your last one).

My collectibles guide can be found Here.

Note: Only one player can get the collectible while in a co-op game!!

 It's done (30 points)
Complete the game on any difficulty

See Hardcore

 Hardcore (40 points)
Complete the game on hardcode difficulty

If you're immediately sent into the first mission, quit out to the dashboard if you want to restart on Hardcore. Otherwise, continue through the game, blowing everything up as you go. I honestly didn't find Hardcore too difficult, as long as you're always staying in motion, you watch for grenades, and you manage enemies properly.

In order to survive in Hardcore, you'll need to utilize the roll ability (), and you'll probably want to focus on upgrading your shotgun first, as it does massive damage, has great range, and a really wide spread when it's maxed out. You'll also want to learn to utilize the special ammo on certain enemies (ie use armor piercing ammo against minigunners, homing ammo against flamethrower guys/guys up in rafters, and shock/incendiary ammo against pretty much everyone else). The greatest threat to you in this game, aside from mortars, are the melee guys that run up and cut your face off with their machetes, which is where rolling comes into play. Another tough adversary is the shotgunner, as they generally come in groups, and a single blast at close range from even one of them will take you down at least 2/5 of your health.

For the final boss, you will want to use your best weapon (again, shotgun is money here. It will drop about 3% of his health per hit at close range) and focus on him as much as possible. You can utilize homing and armor piercing bullets to quickly cut down the other guys that attack you in the mean time. One thing to note is that you will want to try and fight him where he first appears, because if he drops below 75% health in an area other than right above the elevator, the second phase of the fight will start. Try and get him to around 66%, then move to the middle of the submarine, and backpedal back to the elevator you both came out of. Once the elevator with the three guys comes up, take them out and grab the grenade launcher to deal about 63% damage to the boss. The remaining couple percent go far slower than the rest so just stick with it and you'll come out victorious.

Glitch note: Save before using the elevator to leave the submarine as the boss can glitch if you happen to die when he does, making him completely immune to damage when you reload the checkpoint. Having a handy save before the fight will save you a headache.

 Warm up (10 points)
Complete Mission 01

Story related, unmissable.

The first mission puts you on the docks, where you're looking for an MIA DEA agent. After lots of shooting, and even more explosions, you'll eventually be crushed by a huge boat. Just kidding, but seriously, that's where the mission ends.

 BFFs (20 points)
Play Co-Op mode for 5 minutes

For this you can either play online or sign in a second controller while you're in a game. If you want it really easy, you can just sit in place for 5 minutes, or you can have the second controller follow you around (either you play both, or have a friend play).

 A Taste of Blood (30 points)
Kill 150 enemies

This will come naturally, and very early on in the game. Just keep spraying rounds and you'll get this in no time at all.

 Don't get close (10 points)
Melee kill 10 enemies

Even on Hardcore, it's very easy to melee kill most enemies, and you can do so by pressing when they are in close range. You swing very fast, and with a wide arc, so it's not too difficult to kill multiple enemies in one swing.

 Unpopular (30 points)
Kill 3,000 enemies in total

Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women. This game is simple: kill, destroy, and blow stuff up, thus you will get this sooner rather than later. You should unlock this around mission 7.

 Bombing Run (10 points)
Destroy 5 ground enemies with your aircraft

At the end of mission 2 you will hop into a plane for your first vehicle sequence. There will be enemy trucks, boats, and anti-aircraft guns on the ground that you will need to blow up with rockets (). There is also a weapon upgrade that you'll want to grab to shoot more rockets with each volley. You can also try this on mission 5.

 Invincible (20 points)
Complete a vehicle minigame without getting hit

Vehicle minigames turn the game into a vertically scrolling shooter, a-la Galaga, and you must grab weapon pickups to upgrade your weapons to take out the enemies. You'll encounter both ground and air enemies, with being ground attacks and the standard being your primary attack.

You can do this on Mission 2, Mission 5 (I did it on 5), Mission 6.

In order to get through these safely, keep the pointing forward, and keep tapping to continuously launch missiles and bullets. Obviously avoid enemy rockets (you can't shoot them all, some ignore bullets), and watch out so you don't crash into enemy planes/helicopters - especially at the bottom of the screen. The most important thing to note is: utilize checkpoints. If you get hit after a checkpoint, simply hit and load to reload the last save.

 A Fistful of Dollars (20 points)
Earn 15,000 dollars

You get money by blowing stuff up ($3 per object, $5-10 for vehicles) and getting the collectibles. You will get about half of this in a single playthrough, so if you're going the 1 playthrough (Hardcore first) route, you will want to keep repeating farm the rest. Also note, the value is cumulative, and you do not need $15,000 on you at a single time.

To farm money easily, load up mission 1 and proceed to the minigun section where you clear out all the enemies with the mounted gun. Use the gun to clear out all of the cars and explosives, then die. When you continue you will get to repeat the process, and you'll also still have the money from last attempt. Repeat the process as long as you want.

 The Specialist (20 points)
Use all special ammo and weapons

Pistol - up
Shotgun - right - Mission 1
Assault Rifle - down - Mission 4
Minigun - left - Mission 6

Incendiary Ammo - down - Mission 1+
Armor Piercing - left - Mission 2+
Stun Ammo - up - Mission 3+
Homing Ammo - right - Mission 5+

Rocket Launcher - Mission 1 after hopping over two trash barges, Mission 8 on the sub
Flamethrower - Mission 2 a short while after leaving the interior part of the factory, Mission 4 in the factory area
Laser Rifle (WTF?)- Mission 3 after clearing out the first big camp of enemies, Mission 6 on the left side of a boat that you walk over.
Grenade Launcher - Mission 5 on the helipad where Delgado kicks you in the face after climbing a ladder

 I hope you have insurance (20 points)
Destroy 50 vehicles

During your explosive rampage, you'll take out everything from forklifts, to semis, and everything in between. If you blow up every vehicle you will see, you should get this during, or even before, mission 2. Overall, you'll most likely get this without even trying.

Secret Achievements
Welcome to the Jungle (10 points)
Get to South America

Story related, unmissable.

After finishing the on-foot part of mission 2, and escaping in the plane, you will land in South America.

Old Friends (10 points)
Meet Delgado for the first time

Story related, unmissable

This will pop after meeting an old friend at the start of mission 5.


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