Narco Terror - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 400 points.
 Upgrade (10 points)
Upgrade a weapon
 Fully Upgraded (30 points)
Upgrade all weapons
 Some Like it Hot (10 points)
Kill 20 enemies with grenades
 Pieces of You (30 points)
Kill 6 enemies with a single grenade
 Starting a collection (10 points)
Find 5 collectables
 The Collector (30 points)
Find all the collectables
 It's done (30 points)
Complete the game on any difficulty
 Hardcore (40 points)
Complete the game on hardcode difficulty
 Warm up (10 points)
Complete Mission 01
 BFFs (20 points)
Play Co-Op mode for 5 minutes
 A Taste of Blood (30 points)
Kill 150 enemies
 Don't get close (10 points)
Melee kill 10 enemies
 Unpopular (30 points)
Kill 3,000 enemies in total
 Bombing Run (10 points)
Destroy 5 ground enemies with your aircraft
 Invincible (20 points)
Complete a vehicle minigame without getting hit
 A Fistful of Dollars (20 points)
Earn 15,000 dollars
 The Specialist (20 points)
Use all special ammo and weapons
 I hope you have insurance (20 points)
Destroy 50 vehicles
Secret Achievements
Welcome to the Jungle (10 points)
Get to South America
Old Friends (10 points)
Meet Delgado for the first time

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