FIFA 13 - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 First Step (5 points)
Win your first match.
 A Handful Of Goals (15 points)
Score 5 goals in a match - with the same player.
 One on One (5 points)
Score after going 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper.
 Three (5 points)
Win three friendly matches in Quick Match Mode.
 Win the derby (5 points)
Win a match between two rival teams.
 Skill Master (10 points)
Perform 5 different skill moves in a match.
 Extra hand (10 points)
Call your GK into attack for a last minute corner!
 Stardom (15 points)
Win a game on World Class difficulty.
 Pro player (10 points)
Play 100 matches.
 International player (15 points)
Play 200 matches.
 Amateur player (5 points)
Play 50 matches.
 One-Two Master (5 points)
Score a goal after successfully pulling an one-two move.
 Trifecta (15 points)
Win the same league with 3 different teams.
 Three Cups (10 points)
Win the same Cup with three different teams.
 Perfect Cup (10 points)
Win all games in a predefined Cup tournament.
 Perfect League (10 points)
Win all games in a predefined League tournament.
 Corner Maestro (15 points)
Score directly from a corner kick.
 Sniper (10 points)
Score from an offensive free kick.
 Tiki Taka (10 points)
Make 20 consecutive passes in the opponent's half.
 Shot stopper (15 points)
Win the Penalty Shootout without conceding any goals.

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