Order & Chaos - Achievements
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There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Ready to Go (5 points)
Finish a Tutorial Mission
 Jackpot (5 points)
Open a Lucky Chest
 A Talent Rises (10 points)
Assign your talent
 Getting Stronger (10 points)
Reach level 10
 Clumsy Apprentice (10 points)
Reach level 15
 Champion (10 points)
Reach level 20
 A Hero's Path (10 points)
Reach level 30
 Unstoppable (15 points)
Reach level 40
 Untouchable (15 points)
Reach level 50
 Invincible (20 points)
Reach level 60
 Loremaster (10 points)
Complete 5 quests
 Famous Hero (5 points)
Join a party 5 times
 No Time To Waste (10 points)
Use the teleport one time
 To Be A Merchant (5 points)
Sell 5 items
 Greedy Piggy (10 points)
Obtain a gold coin
 Quenching Life (10 points)
Kill 40 monsters
 Scavenger Master (5 points)
Loot 20 times
 Good Collector (5 points)
Loot a Good-level Item
 Superior Collector (10 points)
Loot a Superior-level Item
 Epic Collector (20 points)
Loot an Epic-level Item

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