Six-Guns - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Western 101 (10 points)
Complete the tutorial mission.
 Straight to Hell (10 points)
Kill one demon of each type.
 Top of the Food Chain (10 points)
Kill one animal of each kind.
 Natural Born Killer (5 points)
Kill 500 enemies.
 Angel of Death (10 points)
Kill 1,000 enemies.
 Genocide (20 points)
Kill 10,000 enemies
 Demon Hunter I (10 points)
Reach level 15.
 Demon Hunter II (5 points)
Reach level 25.
 Demon Hunter III (10 points)
Reach level 40.
 Demon Hunter IV (15 points)
Reach level 50.
 100% Completion (20 points)
Complete all quests from beginning to end.
 Legendary Gunslinger (5 points)
Win 25 matches in Multiplayer mode.
 Too Hardcore to Live (10 points)
Kill your own horse.
 Gold! More Gold! (15 points)
Obtain 50,000 coins.
 Lone Ranger (10 points)
Visit Oregon.
 Death Is Not the End (5 points)
Die once.
 The Bigger They Are... (5 points)
Kill a Giant Werewolf.
 Homeless (10 points)
Use all the Road Signs in the game.
 What's Inside the Box? (10 points)
Open 200 chests.
 My Lucky Day (5 points)
Try your luck with the Lottery

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