Strider - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 30 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Master of Unlocking (20 points)
Charged the first Novo
 You've Got the Power (25 points)
Collected all Energy Upgrades
 Remember the Fallen (50 points)
Collected All Fallen Striders
 Health Nut (25 points)
Collected all Health Upgrades
 Cuts Like a Knife (25 points)
Collected all Kunai Upgrades
 Collector of Collecting (25 points)
Collected all Large Canisters
 Didn't Miss a Beat (25 points)
Completed the Balrog without falling
 Speed Demon (100 points)
Completed the game in under 4 hours
 Special Class-A (100 points)
Completed the game on Hard difficulty
 Class-A Ninja (50 points)
Completed the game on Normal difficulty
 Eye of the Tiger (20 points)
Defeated 20 enemies using Panther
 Untouchable (25 points)
Defeated 20 consecutive enemies, without being hit
 I Got You! (25 points)
Defeated Solo
 Death of the Iron Ruler (25 points)
Defeated General Mikiel
 Equal in the Face of Death (50 points)
Defeated Grandmaster Meio
 Now I am the Master (50 points)
Defeated Meio Prime
 Don't Drink the Water (25 points)
Defeated Juroung
 Shock the Monkey (25 points)
Defeated Mechapon
 Another Soulless Copy (25 points)
Defeated Pei & Nang Pooh
 A Cold Wind Blows (25 points)
Defeated Pei Pooh
 Red Dragon Awaits (25 points)
Defeated the Armored Dragon
 Dragon Slayer (25 points)
Defeated the Armored Dragon Stage 2
 The Circle Is Now Complete (25 points)
Defeated Resurrected Solo
 Run Crying Back To Your Masters (25 points)
Defeated The Winds
 You Must Defeat Sheng Long (25 points)
Defeated Xi Wang Mu
 That's No Moon (25 points)
Destroyed Gravitron
 All Fall Down (25 points)
Destroyed Gravitron 2
 Spice Must Flow (25 points)
Defeated the Millipede
 I'm Rubber, You're Glue (20 points)
Defeated 10 enemies using Reflect
 Meet Cypher's Edge (40 points)
Maxed out the Hit Meter 25 times

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