The Sims FreePlay - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 10 Goals Down (5 points)
Complete 10 goals.
 Lucky Dog! (5 points)
Have a dog dig up 1 lifestyle point.
 Onward and Upward! (5 points)
Have a town value of 15,000 simoleons.
 The Diet Ends Here (5 points)
Bake 5 chocolate puddings.
 Popcorn, Anyone? (5 points)
Watch 8 movies.
 Wedding Bells (5 points)
Have a Sim ask another Sim to get married.
 Baby Boomers (10 points)
Have 3 babies.
 Deep Pockets (10 points)
Save 50,000 simoleons.
 100 Miles (10 points)
Drive a total of 100 miles.
 Life of Excess (10 points)
Buy the Pro Skater’s Dream Pad.
 KA-BOOM! (10 points)
Get 5 Sims promoted to Mad Scientist at the Lab.
 Top of the Class! (15 points)
Have 3 preteen Sims with a grade average of A+++
 Sim Town 90210 (15 points)
Have a town worth 12,000,000 simoleons.
 Nemesis of the State (15 points)
Have 1 Sim be nemeses with 16 Sims.
 City of Gold (15 points)
Have a town worth 30,000,000 simoleons.
 1000 GOALS! (15 points)
Complete 1000 goals.
 Wax Off (15 points)
Have a pre-teen Sim get a Black Belt in Karate.
 Pro Dancer (15 points)
Have a pre-teen Sim become a Professional Ballet Dancer.
 Ghost Hunter (10 points)
Catch All 12 Ghost Types.
 Sim Negotiator (5 points)
“Negotiate” with 3 Man-Eating Plants.

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