Kingdoms & Lords - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Barbarian General (10 points)
Defeat Barbarian General.
 One Step, One Footprint (10 points)
Raise the population to 150.
 Roast Chicken Hobbyist (5 points)
Have 10 campfires on the map.
 Defense Fortress (5 points)
Establish your defensive line.
 Draw First Blood (10 points)
Win the first fight.
 Be First Blood (5 points)
Lose one fight.
 Advancement (5 points)
Complete the tutorial and the mission "The First Visit."
 Lady of the Coast (10 points)
Defeat Lady of the Coast.
 Duke of Cowerdon (10 points)
Defeat Duke of Cowerdon.
 The Evil Monk (10 points)
Defeat The Evil Monk.
 Lady Bloomdale (10 points)
Defeat Lady Bloomdale.
 General McCallister (10 points)
Defeat General McCallister.
 The Stygian Witches (15 points)
Defeat The Stygian Witches.
 I See You (15 points)
Wipe out shadowy areas.
 World Conqueror (20 points)
Defeat all the bosses.
 Money, Money (15 points)
Own all of the Kingdom buildings.
 Demon (10 points)
Successfully invade friends' kingdoms 100 times.
 Demon's Nightmare (10 points)
Successfully resist invasion 100 times (includes helping friends).
 Friends All Over the World (10 points)
Have more than 10 friends.
 Good Luck Follows You (5 points)
Win 50 one-on-one battles.

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