Rabbids Big Bang - Achievements
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There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Cow-boy (3 points)
Hit 10 cows
 Minesweeper (3 points)
Hit 10 mines
 Third thing encounters (3 points)
Hit 10 ufos
 Quack quack (3 points)
Hit 10 ducks
 Glider (5 points)
Fly 10 seconds without using jetpack or black hole
 Serial crasher (5 points)
Crash 50 times
 Looper (6 points)
Make 10 laps around a planet
 Icarus (6 points)
Burn 10 seconds near sun
 Bwaakpacker (9 points)
Upgrade your jetpack to maximum
 Bwaatt man (9 points)
Upgrade your bat to maximum
 Space traveller (9 points)
Travel 100000 miles
 Speedy (9 points)
Reach the incredible speed of 800 m/h
 Flawless (14 points)
Fly 10 minutes without failing or retrying a mission
 Stars hunter (36 points)
Collect all stars in levels 1 to 10
 BRAVO ! (28 points)
Finish all missions in the first 10 solar systems
Secret Achievements
Window-shopping (3 points)
Stay 5 minutes in shop without buying anything
Flatulist (3 points)
Fart 10 times
Gas attendant (5 points)
Refill your fuel 5 times in a mission
Show-off (27 points)
Upgrade jetpack and bat to maximum
Fashion victim (14 points)
Buy all the outfits

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