The Golf Club - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 24 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Amateur Golfer (10 points)
Finish an 18-hole round of golf.
 Driving The Point Home (25 points)
Drive a ball 315 yards or greater on an official course.
 Eagle (15 points)
Score an Eagle on an official course.
 I'll Take That… (15 points)
Beat a friend’s course record on any course.
 Golf Buddy (10 points)
Play against a live rival.
 Goldie Bounce (15 points)
Land on the fairway or green after striking a tree.
 Give Them An Inch (20 points)
Putt a total of 1 mile.
 Playing Favourites (20 points)
Favourite 10 courses.
 Party Planner (20 points)
Invite 3 unique live friends to one of your rounds.
 Ace (120 points)
Score a hole-in-one on an official course.
 Close But No Cigar (30 points)
Place the ball 1 yard from the hole from 250+ yards out, on an official course.
 I Would Walk… (30 points)
Play holes totalling length of 500 miles.
 GIR Collector (30 points)
Hit all greens in regulation in one round on an official 18-hole course.
 FIR Collector (30 points)
Hit all fairways in regulation in one round on an official 18-hole course.
 KAPOW! (50 points)
Drive a ball 1,000 yards or greater.
 Build It And They Will Come (50 points)
Publish a created course.
 Super Ace (100 points)
Score a hole-in-one from 250+ yards.
 Lucky Number Seven (100 points)
Finish a 70+ par course at par or better using only a seven iron.
 Explorer (100 points)
Play 100 unique user-created courses designed by other Members.
Secret Achievements
Ferret (20 points)
Hole the ball from off the green on an official course.
Pinned (20 points)
Strike the pin while the ball is airborne from off the green.
Comeback Kid (20 points)
Finish an 18-hole course under-par having been +3 or more at hole 9.
Golden Ferret (75 points)
Hole the ball directly from a bunker on an official course.
Tour Pro (75 points)
Complete at 72+ hole Tour at or below aggregate par.

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