Throne Together - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Budding Builder (10 points)
Get 10 Stars across all levels
 Accredited Architect (20 points)
Get 100 Stars across all levels
 Certified Contractor (30 points)
Get 195 Stars across all levels
 Speedy Engineering (15 points)
Beat a timed level with more than 30 seconds left on the clock
 Gargling (10 points)
Turn 25 gargoyles into fountains
 By the Book (25 points)
Build 50 blueprints
 Join the Circus (15 points)
Simultaneously juggle 7 blocks in play at the same time
 Holey Cathedral (20 points)
Complete a level with at least 20 enclosed spaces
 Light My Fire (10 points)
Light up 30 torches
 A Helping Hand (15 points)
Receive an extra life from 5 friends
 Positive Reinforcement (10 points)
Repair 100 cracked blocks with cement
Secret Achievements
Shoddy Foundation (20 points)
Completed a level with at least 30 cracked blocks

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