Viva Piñata: Party Animals - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 All Your Game Are Belong To Us (50 points)
Play all Challenge Events.
 This one will be acquired with time. If you play regularly you will eventually play all of the Events. If you have a friend with a lot of the mini games you don’t have, start up a custom online game and play.  Also,  these can be done in practice mode. Once all the other achievements are done, simply run through the list in order playing any that you are not completely sure you have done.
NOTE-Challenge Events are all of the mini-games, not including the races
  • Raisant Stomp
  • Red Raisant Blast
  • Ruffian Tumble
  • Bump Bump Boom!
  • Movin' Groovin'
  • Disco Danger!
  • Super Star Smash
  • Swing for the Stars
  • Crouching Stick, Flying Barrel
  • Launching Loathers
  • Run, Ruffian, Run!
  • Bug Blitz
  • Messy Mayhem
  • Raisant Riot
  • Spotlight Mania
  • Flickering Frenzy
  • Who's Left?
  • Quick Candy Colors
  • Ruffians Smack Ahoy!
  • Caramel Apple Gobble
  • As the Whirlm Turns
  • Candy in the Wind
  • Hasty Hoopla
  • Short Fuse!
  • Rough and Rumble Racing
  • Can You Dig It?
  • Tap 'n' Tickle Time
  • Bouncy Bowling
  • Tail Time
  • Zumbugs... in Spaaaace!
  • Snow-bowl Dodgeball
  • Turf Toe
  • Ring Around the Candy
  • Spin Cycle
  • Burps Ahoy!
  • Burping Balloons
  • Dangerous Dinghy
  • Bounding Bounty
  • Conveyor Chaos
  • Piñata Mess-terpiece
  • Picture Perfect
  • Color Me Not
 Social Flutterscotch (50 points)
Finish the game in first place with each of the 8 characters.
 Unless you are going to boost for this play offline; start up a quick game and make sure the game length is on short. After a few play-through’s you should get the hang of the games and races, it is a simple task. Come in first with each of the 8 characters. This achievement is pretty self explanatory.
NOTE-While getting this you will also get the “Get to know everyone” achievement.
 King Roario Award (50 points)
Win all Challenge Events and races in a single game.
 This is definitely easiest to do online with a friend. The online AI are not as challenging as the offline AI. During races have your buddy cut off and attack the AI so you can get ahead. If you are going for this offline make sure to set the game to short. It is also good to know your short cuts on the races. An excellent guide can be found HERE. Other then that hope for some mini games you are good at, always practice them before you play them.
 Redhott Racer (50 points)
Finish every race.
 Simply finish every race. You will unlock races by finishing short, medium and long games. Set the game to long and you will play 7 races. I personally unlocked all of the races while playing online. After that I played the races that I didn’t recognize. The achievement is unlocked upon the completion of the last race. After you have unlocked all of the games you can go to practice mode and play them, instead of playing through all of the challenge events.
NOTE-You do not have to come in first for this achievement.
 Boy Band (30 points)
As a male character, finish a game while never losing to a female character.
 Choose 1 of 4 male characters. Start up a short game and make sure not to lose to any of the girl characters. Sometimes it is hard to see which is male which is female. Some females have bows and/or pink/purple colors.
 Megaton (30 points)
Use the Fiesta Missile power-up on each of the 8 characters.
 The Fiesta Missile is the heat seeking bomb that will follow the piñatas until they hit them. Run a race as normal, if you happen to pick up that power-up (looks like a white rocket) drop back to second and fire and attack on that player. If you cant keep track of which piñatas you have hit, trade achievements with a friend.
 Chewnicorn Streak (30 points)
Win 8 Challenge Events in a row.
 Hard achievement, I recommend you boost for it. Just set up a long game, or a custom game online and win 8 challenge events in a row with a friend. Races do not count toward challenge events.
NOTE-While getting this you will unlock the achievements for 3 and 5 win streak
 Girl Power (30 points)
As a female character, finish a game while never losing to a male character.
 See Boy Band achievement, above. Just choose a girl character and do the opposite.
 Professor Pester Award (20 points)
Hit every player with a power-up in a single race.
 Play a race and hit all of the people you are racing against with an attack. I got this in my second race, the weapons you can use are the Fiesta Missile, Smoke Bomb and Color Water Attack. Make sure you hit each of your opponents once.
 Kittyfloss Streak (20 points)
Win 5 Challenge Events in a row.
 See Chewnicorn Streak.
 Rashberry Gluttony (30 points)
Collect more than 1,000 pieces of candy while playing as Fergy Fudgehog.

This one is a bit tough. Start up a long game, and choose Fergy Fudgehog as your character. Both the candy you get for winning events AND all of the candy you collect in mini games goes toward the full 1,000.

NOTE: You DO NOT need to do this in one game, it tracks your progress.

 Artful Dodger (20 points)
Avoid the snowball in Snow-bowl Dodgeball.
 This achievement is so simple! When the game starts run up and out of the “bowl” in the middle and head up toward the wall on the sides of the arena and wait, the snowball will never leave the bowl so you are perfectly safe. When the game ends the achievement unlocks.
 Catch It if You Can (20 points)
Play a game with anyone who has this achievement to earn it. Then, you can “spread” it too.
 This is a viral achievement. Simply play an online game with someone who has this. Everyone who has played an online game has this, so join a game and get infected!
 Aiming Artist (20 points)
Hit the farthest target at least 3 times in 1 Launching Loathers game.
 When the game starts keep your cannon aimed toward the left side of the shooting area. Wait for the smallest, and farthest target to pass through the left side It takes a little bit of timing but is pretty simple. In my first game I hit the back target about 6 times.
 Do You Feel Lucky, Piñata? (20 points)
Win a game of Short Fuse! without the Loather ever detonating in your hands.
 You need a bit of luck for this one folks. A bomb can explode at any given time. Remember you need to win AND not have the bomb explode while you are holding it. You get points every time candy falls on top of your head while you are holding the bomb. Practice!
 Eaglair Eye Award (20 points)
Find and use all the shortcuts in the races.
 Find all the shortcuts in all 14 races. An excellent guide can be found HERE.
NOTE-Remember you can do all the races you unlock in practice mode.
 Get to Know Everyone (20 points)
Finish the game in any place with each of the 8 characters.
 Self Explanatory; to go faster choose the “Short” Gametype. You can do this offline, online or the combination of both
 Host with the Most (20 points)
Host 3 games over Xbox LIVE.
 Self Explanatory; just host 3 games online. You can have one other person and 2 AI in the game. If there is nobody online, make another account to boost with, or check the Achievement Trading thread

Boost with a friend for this and “Party Crasher”
 Loaded Bases (20 points)
Hit the target 4 times in a row in Swing for the Stars.
 This achievement I found very frustrating. My record is 3 in a row. After 3 in a row the target will start flying around like crazy. I really have no tip except PRACTICE! Good timing is needed as well.
 Scenic Route (20 points)
Win a race without using any shortcuts.
 You will probably get this your first race. Just follow the main path, and win. The first level only has two shortcuts, check the shortcut guide, and don’t use them.
 Pacifist (20 points)
Win a race without using a Fiesta Missile, Colored Water Bomb, or Smoke Bomb.
 You will probably get this one as well on your first race. To tell you the truth I didn’t use any power ups on my first race. If you want to be safe just don’t use and power-ups on your first race.
 Hi-yaaaa! (20 points)
Destroy 10 objects in a single race while playing as Petunia Pretztail.
 Select Petunia Pretzail at the beginning of a game or practice race. Break 10 items, these include barrels, boxes, ice blocks etc… You will receive this at the end of the race. The first two races have a bunch of breakables.
 Party Crasher (20 points)
Win 3 games over Xbox LIVE where you are not the host.
 Join 3 games through quick or custom match and win them. You must have the most candy at the end of the game.

You can boost with a friend for this while he/she gets Host with the most.
 Practice Makes Perfect (20 points)
Play the game for 5 hours.
 No description really needed here. Simply play the game for 5 hours.
NOTE-It has been confirmed that you cannot sit in the menu for 5 hours. It must be total GAMEPLAY time, so it may take you 5 and a half hours due to menu screens
 Int'l Piñata of Mystery (20 points)
Use each power-up at least once in a single game.
 This is pure luck. When you see the power ups make sure to grab two if you can, then quickly unload them and get ready for some more to come.

These are the power-ups:
-Fiesta Missile
-Smoke Bomb
-Color Water Bomb
-Buzzlegum Honey Trail
-Candy Boost
-Fizzy Bloater
-Rocket Pack
 Don’t Be Left in the Dark (20 points)
Knock each of the other players out of the light in a single game of Spotlight Mania.
 Very Simple. When you get into a game of Spotlight Mania use the shive move (B Button) to "shove" the other players out of the light. Just do it to each of your 3 opponents. You will know when they get knocked out when their candy level decreases, or when they are totally out of the light.
 Sticky Feet (20 points)
Use the Buzzlegum Honey Slick power-up 10 times.
 Pretty self explanatory here. The power-up picture is the picture of a bee's hive, throw ten of them and you will get your achievement.Just try to collect as many power ups as possible.
 Strike! (20 points)
Get a strike in Bouncy Bowling.
 This is very simple. When playing Bouncy Bowling chuck the ball to the pins in front of you. The first time I played this mini-game I got it. I really have no pointers on this achievement, as it takes no skill at all!
 Stuffed! (20 points)
Get more than 99 candies in any single Challenge Event.
 Raisant Stomp seems the easiest mini game to get this. If you don't get in your first game, just go to practice mode and try for it again.
 Tricky Treats (20 points)
Destroy at least 25 pumpkins in a single game of Messy Mayhem.
 Just keep mashing the A button, watch out for the other Ruffians as they can knock you over. If you have an extra controller plug it in, so you have less Ruffians to worry about.
 Rainbow of Piñatas (20 points)
Play each of the 8 characters in 1 of their alternate colors.
 To play in an alternate color you must have two people using the same character. Have either a friend online or another controller choose the pinata that you need the alternate color FIRST, then you choose, therefore you get the alternate color.
NOTE-When doing your first pinata for this achievement you will also get "Seeing Double."
 Game Guru (15 points)
Win the game.
 Win a total game. You will get candy depending on where you place. You will also get a bonus depending on which place you come in on the previous race. Simply have the most candy at the end of the game.
 Coulda Been a Contender (15 points)
Win 1 race.
 Very simple. Win a race. This will come on your first one. Make good use of your power-ups and always hit the speed strips.
 Quick Like a Bunnycomb (15 points)
Hit 3 speed strips in a single race.
 Speed strips are the fast conveyor belt type things you see on the ground. Just hit three of them in one race and the achievement will unlock. There are more then 3 on the first race.
 Whirlm Streak (15 points)
Win 3 Challenge Events in a row.
 See Chewnicorn Streak.
 No Wipeouts (15 points)
Never fall down in a single race while playing as Franklin Fizzlybear.
 Choose Franklin Fizzlybear before a game or practice race. Make sure to go slow and not get knocked over. The achievement will unlock at the end of the race.
 Classic Gamer Reward (10 points)
Enter the classic gamers code while on the START screen. For a hint, go right into your manual…
 Enter the code: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start where it says "press start" when you enter the discIf the achievement does not unlock, press B and try it again.
 Bear Hug (10 points)
Never use a power-up on Franklin Fizzlybear while playing as Florence Fizzlybear.
 Make sure someone is playing as Franklin, you can put another controller in or do this online. While in any race make sure to not use ANY powerups that affect Florence. To be safe, just don't use any power ups.
NOTE-I am not sure if this in ALL races in a game, or just one race, please PM me if you can help.
 Flutterscotch Quickness (10 points)
Use the Flutterscotch Wings power-up to overtake an opponent.
 When you get the Flutterscotch power-up (the picture is the same as the achievement pic) wait ubtil you are right behind someone, and about to overtake them. Now deploy it, achievement unlocked!
 Share and Share Alike (10 points)
Play a game with someone who hasn’t unlocked a Challenge Event you have unlocked.
 Simply play a game online, hopefully you will get someone new with the game, the best way to unlock challenge events is to play with someone who has them online. If you unlocked all of the challenge events and still cant get the achievement, make a dummy account with some 48 free trials.
 Mama's Boy (10 points)
Lose to Fergy Fudgehog while playing as Francine Fudgehog.
 Play a race while you are Francine, racing against Fergy, just make sure to become behind Fergy and you will get this achievement.
 Making Friends (10 points)
Play a game over Xbox LIVE, or invite someone to an online game.
 Play a game online, or invite someone to the pre-game lobby. Easy as pie.
 Popularity Contest (10 points)
Complete a game with all 4 characters playing as Hudson Horstachio.
 The AI will not all choose Hudson. Wither bring in 3 other controllers or do this online. Simply finish the game and enjoy your 10 points
 Gassy Gusts! (10 points)
Get your ship all the way to the finish line in Burps Ahoy!
 When you win a game of burps ahoy you will get this. To fill up on soda follow the button directions. Against computers it is very easy to win.
 Scene Stealer (10 points)
Beat Hudson Horstachio while playing as Hailey Horstachio.
 Play a race as Hailey Horstachio and place better then Hudson. If you are having trouble with this check the achievement trading thread, or plug in a second controller.
 Seeing Double (10 points)
Finish a game while playing as the same Piñata as at least 1 other opponent.
 See "Popularity Contest", above.
 Squished! (10 points)
Jump and ground pound each of the other players at least once in Raisant Stomp.
 Use the Double A move to "ground pound" the other opponents, just make sure to do it to all 3 of your opponents.
 Keep Your Friends Close (10 points)
Complete a multiplayer game offline.
 Just complete an offline game. Choose the "Play at Home" option on the main menu. Just make sure 2 controllers are plugged in.
 Think Fast! (5 points)
Never get hit in an entire contest by a Fiesta Missile while playing as Paulie Pretztail.
 Choose Paulie Pretzail before a practice race or a full game. Chances are you will not get hit by a missile, but if you want to be safe, stay in last place so no one hits you.
 So Awesome! (10 points)
You, the master of unlocking.

Unlock all of the Bonus content. You unlock content by playing and winning with certain pinatas, and doing certain activities. You can check your content on the main menu screen.



Shortcut Guide can be found HERE.
Party Animals Trading Thread can be found HERE.

All achievements can be obtained online, all but the obvious online ones can be obtained offline. If you have multiple controllers, you can start an online game with your profile and three guest accounts (you don't need different XBL accounts), and the guest accounts will just sit there and not compete and not sign out.
Credit goes to The Guide Master; David Creech, for helpful tips in his thread. Also props to for their helpful tips. If you have any tips or need help Contact me!



***Other Tips***

Helpful Tips:
-You can get all of the Mini Game and Race achievements in practice mode
-If you need online achievements but you can't find anyone to boost, make a dummy account with a 48 hour free trial
-Go slow on races when going for the shortcuts, If you put "Keep it close" on you will be fine.


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