Crash of the Titans - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 47 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Whumpa Warrior (15 points)
Complete All Whumpa Island Episodes
 See "Courting Catastrophe" achievement.
 Goose Goose Duck! (10 points)
Jack A Yuktopus
 Yuktopus is the boss on the forth episode just beat episode 4 for this to unlock, and you jack Yuktopus by first jacking a Spike, then jacking a Goar, then jacking Yuktopus.
 Temple Of Boom (10 points)
Complete Temple Episode

See "Courting Catastrophe" achievement.

 Harder They Fall (15 points)
Complete All Lumber Yard Episodes
 See "Courting Catastrophe" achievement.
 Tiny Detour (10 points)
Complete Lava Episode
 See "Courting Catastrophe" achievement.
 Beach Blanket Bombardment (15 points)
Complete All Beach Episodes
 See "Courting Catastrophe" achievement.
 Facts of Strife (15 points)
Complete All Factory Episodes
 See "Courting Catastrophe" achievement.
 All Bark, No Might (10 points)
Jack Uka Uka
 Uka Uka is the boss on the 17th episode, you cannot beat this episode without jacking Uka Uka so this is easily attained.
 Barking Up The Wronged Tree (25 points)
Complete All Uka Tree Episodes
 See "Courting Catastrophe" achievement.
 Sticky Fingers (15 points)
Jack Nina's Arachnina
 Nina is the final boss of the game in episode 20, again you cannot beat the episode without jacking the Arachnina.
 Courting Catastrophe (25 points)
Complete All Cortex Lair Episodes
 These are simply game progress achievements and will unlock as you move along in your game you will not miss these.
 Gold Digger (15 points)
Earn 1 Gold Episode Idol
 See "Midas Touch" achievement.
 Mojo Magic (10 points)
Complete 1 Mojo Room Challenge
 See "Mojophoria!" achievement.
 Five By Five (10 points)
Accrue 5 Extra Lives
 See "Stayin' Alive" achievement.
 Easy Pickings (15 points)
Collect 5 Hidden Idols
 See "Treasure Hunter" achievement.
 Ringer (15 points)
Earn 5 Gold Episode Idols
 See "Midas Touch" achievement.
 Soaking In It (25 points)
Unlock 5 Creature Costume Idols
 See " Master Of Disguise" achievement.
 Like A Cat (20 points)
Accrue 9 Extra Lives
 See "Stayin' Alive" achievement.
 Mojo Mania (15 points)
Complete 10 Mojo Room Challenges
 See "Mojophoria!" achievement.
 Stayin' Alive (30 points)
Accrue 15 Extra Lives
 You start the game with 3 lives so you actually need a total of 8 (or 5 gained) lives for the "Five By Five" achievement, 12 (or 9 gained) lives for the "Like A Cat" achievement, and 18 (or 15 gained) lives for this to unlock. You get 1 life for nabbing a golden whumpa fruit and you can also gain a life for every 25,000 mojo you get, if your not so good at the game you can replay a level over and over to acquire the amount needed.
 Crate Crazy (20 points)
Smash 100 Crates Of Any Scale
 Simply smash a total of 100 crates, this will unlock during normal progress through the game.
 Aiming To Please (20 points)
Jack 20 Projectile Creatures By Any Means
 A good and simple way to get this is in the second episode right when your crossing the log bridge where you have to shoot at the targets to get the logs to drop .. just kill the snipe thats on the ledge first then go and jack the other snipe then unjack him then jack him and unjack him until a new snipe respawns in the exact spot do this over and over until the achievement pops up.
 Brutal Buffet (35 points)
Jack 5 Of Every Type Of Jackable Creature
 You will need to jack every type of jacable creature at least 5 times, including the three main bosses. For the main bosses i suggest just jacking them once and killing yourself off and restarting the episode and repeating till you jack them 5 times each.
 Baker's Dozen (13 points)
Jack 13 Strongs By Any Means
 You can easily get this in the first level when you do your first jack, once you get to the spike jack him then unjack and jack and unjack until a new spike respawns do this over and over again until this unlocks !
 Carry A Bigger Stick (15 points)
Jack 5 Captains By Any Means
 This can be unlocked the very first time you jack a Shellephant, you can make him respawn by doing the jack then unjack trick as with "Aiming To Please" & "Monster Whisperer" achievements just make sure not to break down the big wooden door or else the Shellephant won't respawn.
 Duplex Planet (20 points)
Play Co-Op
 First load up your single player game and enter any level, then simply just grab a second controller and once it is ready to use a thing will pop up on the top right of the screen saying "JOIN GAME" with the  just do what it says and hit the B button on the second controller and this will unlock! No need to sign in with another profile on the second controller ethier.
 Fits Like A Glove (10 points)
Unlock 1 Creature Costume Idol
 See " Master Of Disguise" achievement.
 Gimme Some Skin (26 points)
Unlock 10 Creature Costume Idols
 See " Master Of Disguise" achievement.
 Midas Touch (25 points)
Earn 10 Gold Episode Idols
 Getting gold episode idols requires you to get a gold rating on an episode, you do this by getting the set hit combo, destroying the 3 spy toilets and killing a specific amount of the non-jackable enemies in each and every episode, requirements for getting gold are given at the end of each episode.
 Master At Harms (25 points)
Defeat 200 Minion Fodder
 Just kill 200 of the enemies in the first couple episodes and this will unlock replay an episode if you want to get it to unlock quicker.
 Mojophoria! (25 points)
Complete All Mojo Room Challenges

Mojo rooms are in every episode and can be spotted easily, once you enter your required to do a certain task, just complete the task and you will see " Well Done " pop up once complete, and you will be rewarded with a blue idol.

There is a total of 20 Mojo rooms, one per episode.

 Treasure Hunter (25 points)
Collect All 20 Hidden Idols
 These so called hidden idols are not hard to find at all, they glow a bright red and " Bounus Concept Art Unlocked" will pop-up on your screen when you grab one. There is one in every level.
 Sampler Pack (30 points)
Jack 1 Of Every Type Of Jackable Creature
 This will unlock through your progress to having 100% completion, just jack all jackable creatures including the bosses.
 Monster Whisperer (30 points)
Jack 75 Strong Creatures
 Pretty much the same as the "aiming to please" achievement and can be done on the same level because you get to jack a Goar at the very beginning of episode 2 .. so just do the same thing, jack him then unjack him and jack and unjack until a new Goar respawns do this over and over until the achievement pops up.
 Self-Help Guru (15 points)
Fully Upgrade Crash's Health
 See "Mojofied" achievement.
 Mojofied (30 points)
Unlock & Upgrade All Crash's Abilities
 you will recieve this and the "Self-help Guru achievement" after getting a total of 1.2 million mojo, and after getting all that mojo you will have full slide time, full health upgrades, and infinite spin time.
 Master Of Disguise (36 points)
Unlock All Creature Costume Skins
 To unlock creature costume skins you must complete a specific task which is to jack a certain number of a jackable creatures or kill a certain amount of the non-jackable kind, requirements for the skins can be found at the end of an episode when it shows you how much you have completed of a certain episode.
 JACK KING (75 points)
Complete 100% of the Game
 Once your sure you have all hidden idols, and creature costumes unlocked, and gold on all 20 episodes just go to the Crash Stats and have a look , this will unlock once you enter the stats.
 Alive & Kicking (10 points)
Complete All Episodes on Hard
 This will unlock after completion of the game on hard.
 Over Easy (25 points)
Earn Gold for All Episodes on Easy
 See "Hard Knocks" achievement.
 Medium Rare (35 points)
Earn Gold for All Episodes on Medium
 See "Hard Knocks" achievement.
 Hard Knocks (60 points)
Earn Gold for All Episodes on Hard
 You Should start your game on hard since all of these stack together. You don't need to unlock all creature costumes or have all the hidden idols for these to unlock, what you do need is Gold for all 20 episodes in the game and you got yourself three achievements.
Secret Achievements
Right Stuff (5 points)
Free Fell For 5 Seconds
 Right at the very beginning of the game you can go up on the roof of the very first house by going to the very right of the house and hopping up and then over on to two window ledges .. you can get this easily by jumping to the highest ledge and then double jumping off it and hovering down.
Big Spender (10 points)
9 Lives Spent In Single Episode
 Just let yourself die 9 times in any one episode.
Idle Hands (15 points)
Let Crash Do 10 Funny Things
 Just set down the controller and Crash will start to do these so-called funny things just let him do 10 and this will unlock, they don't have to be 10 different ones. Just let Crash sit idle and this will unlock in a few minutes.
Eavesdropper (20 points)
5 Creature Conversations Heard Through
 When your playing the game you will come apon creatures talking to each other, the music will become low and you'll be able to hear them have conversations, just sit back and listen and wait for the music to come back up to volume and you know you will have registered 1 eavesdrop, be careful not to get to close or they will spot you.
Where Did The Time Go? (25 points)
Spent Longer Than 25 Minutes In A Single Episode
 Just spend 25 minutes or more in an episode and this will unlock.

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