Astropop - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Interplanetary Hero (10 points)
Unlock Vixx and Turbot.
 BETA Survivor (10 points)
Stay alive for 5 minutes in Survival mode.
 Star Gazer (10 points)
Receive your first promotion (25,000 points).
 Ace Astropopper (15 points)
Finish the story by completing level 32 with each pilot.
 Brick Basher (15 points)
Break 100,000 total bricks.
 Brick Grinder (25 points)
Complete 32 levels in a game without using your SUPA Weapon.
 Captain Quick Brick (25 points)
Complete a level in 25 seconds or less.
 Combo Operator (15 points)
Get a 17x combo.
 Cosmic Overlord (25 points)
Reign as Cosmic Overlord (12,000,000 points).
 GAMMA Survivor (25 points)
Reach the 9-minute mark in Survival mode.
 Puzzle Commander (10 points)
Perfectly solve 10 bonus puzzles.
 Vortex Generator (15 points)
Clear the entire screen of bricks 5 times in one level.

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