Discs of Tron - Achievements
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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Deflector (5 points)
Deflect 7 discs or chasers.
 High Score (5 points)
Get first place on in-game score board using default settings.
 Fearless (10 points)
Derezz Sark 4 times without using your deflector.
 Rock Steady (10 points)
Derezz Sark once without moving.
 One Shot (10 points)
Derezz Sark 3 times by only throwing one disc at a time.
 Sharp Shooter (10 points)
Destroy 5 enemy discs in the air in a row.
 On the Run (10 points)
Stay alive for one minute without getting hit or throwing a disc.
 Chaser Shooter (15 points)
Destroy 5 Chasers or Super Chasers.
 Speed Master (20 points)
Win 5 Speed Versus games over Xbox Live.
 Teamwork! (25 points)
Achieve a score of 50,000 or more playing an Xbox Live Co-op game.
 50k (35 points)
Rack up 50,000 points using default settings.
 Immortal (45 points)
Rack up 60,000 points without dying.

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