Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Vanquish the Computer (20 points)
Beat Arcade Mode.
This achievement can be earned on any difficulty level. All you have to do is beat the entire single player arcade mode (All the world warriors plus the bosses.) This can be earned on Classic mode or HD Remix mode. When I got it, I used Ryu because you can earn the "Sagat's Scar" achievement at the same time. Really, this achievement just takes patience. On the easy difficulty setting the CPU is fairly lenient and forgiving and you have unlimited continues.
 Sheng Long is in Another Castle (25 points)
Beat Akuma in Arcade Mode.

In order to challenge Akuma in Arcade mode, you must fulfill these requirements:

1. You must defeat the first eleven opponents without continuing.
2a. You must defeat the eleven within a certain number of ticks on the clock. (Actual number not know)
2b. You must accumulate 1,200,000 points in defeating the first eleven opponents. (Classic Mode only.)

Perfects aren't relevant, but are commonly perceived to be because they're accidentally helpful by usually being very quick, which helps your time. Lost rounds also aren't relevant, but are also commonly perceived to be because the more rounds you lose, the slower you'll beat the first eleven opponents."

If you set the game to 1 round arcade mode matches and don't use a continue and you should fight Akuma. This method does not always work. 9/10 people have success with it.

I used M. Bison to get to Akuma. On the easy difficulty of arcade mode, you can use Bison's "Psycho Crusher" over and over again and you WILL win. I also got 5 perfects using this method.

To perform Psycho Crusher, Hold the opposite direction of your opponent for about two seconds. Then press the direction TOWARDS your opponent, and press any Punch. The move basically encases your entire body in a blue flame and Bison flies like a torpedo towards his opponent.

After I reached Akuma: He soundly defeated my Bison. Luckily, you CAN continue against him AND switch characters! I switched to Cammy. Her "spinning Backfist" is invincible when she does the initial hop towards her opponent. It goes through Akuma's fireballs. Wait for him to throw fireballs, then spinning backfist through them.

To perform the "Spinning Backfist," press "QUARTER CIRCLE BACK and ANY PUNCH."

Be patient. Arcade mode Akuma is tough. You have unlimited continues. Fight to the best of your ability. Good Luck.

 Here Comes A New Challenger (10 points)
Play 5 Ranked Matches online.

To earn this, go to "Multiplayer" then choose the "ranked matches," option. Select "quick match." Play all 3-5 rounds. (Try to win!)

After the match is over, repeat these steps four more times and this achievement is yours.

 SF 20th Anniversary! (20 points)
Win 20 Ranked Matches Online.

Please see "Playing to Win"

 Playing To Win (30 points)
Win 100 Ranked Matches Online.

Alright, this is the most time consuming of all the achievements. The tutorial for starting a ranked match is listed in the "Here Comes a New Challenger" Achievement. Basically, you just need to win 100 times.

I recommend using Balrog because he is very well rounded as a character. Pick a character you are comfortable with, spend some time in training mode learning how to perform combos, execute special moves, and learn proper distancing and timing. You need to be knowledgeable about your character and his/her matchups if you want to win. Also, alot of players on Xbox Live play as Ryu, Ken, Blanka, or Guile. That means if you pick a character that can deal with Ken or Ryu, you have about a decent chance of playing someone you can handle.

 Master of All Things (30 points)
Win With Every Character in an Online Ranked Match.
You simply need to play ranked matches online and win a whole match (3 rounds) with every character on the roster. This includes Akuma. Keep a checklist of all the characters you have won a match with. As you win, make note of who you used so you don't repeat victories as a character. This is the fastest possible method of earning this achievement.

To fight as Akuma online: Go to the middle of the top row while selecting your character highlight either of the middle two characters and press up. (From the starting point, Ryu, just press right, then up.) Akuma's portrait should be displayed. The portrait looks like the silhouette of a dark, ominous figure.
 Training for Perfection (10 points)
5 Perfect Rounds in Arcade Mode (Any Difficulty Level, no challengers)
To earn this achievement, you must win five rounds in arcade mode without taking a SINGLE PIXEL of damage. That means if you get hit by a special move and take "chip damage," your perfect is ruined.

I earned this achievement using the M.Bison "Psycho Crusher" method mentioned earlier in the section "Sheng Long is in Another Castle." I was playing on easy difficulty of HD REMIX mode.

Be careful though. I found that once my opponent was one Psycho Crusher away from death, they would finally counter the move. I remedied this by using a normal attack instead of a finishing Psycho Crusher. This will not work every time, but it should work enough to get you the achievement.
 Throwing is Cheap (5 points)
Throw your Opponent ten times in a single game.
A single game lasts up to three rounds. To earn this easily, I turned on a second control and went to "Multiplayer> Local Match > HD Remix." I picked Ryu and Player 2 was Zangief. I walked up to player two and performed Ryu's throw (Hold towards/away and press Fierce Punch. should be the default for Fierce Punch.)

Keep throwing Zangief until he dies. Repeat this the second round. After the second round is over, you should have this achievement. You can try letting Zangief win the second round if you want to get extra throws during the third round, but I was able to get it during round two.
 Super Finisher (10 points)
Get one Super Finish in Arcade Mode.
A super finish is when you use your character's specific "super move" to win a round. When you get the super finish, the whole background flashes madly in multiple colors.

In order to use a super move, you must first fill your super meter. Do this by performing special attacks or by hitting your opponent. The super meter's capacity can be tracked at the bottom corners of the screen. It is the only gauge visible on the bottom of the screen.

Once your super meter is full, it flashes colors and you can read the word "Super" on it. Now you can perform your super move. To see how to perform your character's super move, pause the game and go to "Character Move List." At the very bottom of the list, in the right hand column, you should see the motion required to perform your character's super. Defeat your opponent with this move.

Even if your foe dies while blocking you will get this one.
Super Move List
,+,,,+, Any punch - Ken, Ryu, Sagat, Fei Long

Hold for 2 seconds then , , Any punch - E Honda, Blanka, Balrog

Hold for 2 seconds then , , Any kick - Chun Li, Cammy, Dee Jay, M Bison

Hold + for 2 seconds then +,+ , + Any kick - Guile, Vega

,+,,+,,,+,,+, Any punch - Dhalsim

Rotate the D pad/Stick 2 full circles, Any punch - Zangief, T Hawk
 Blinding Speed (15 points)
Defeat an opponent in under 15 seconds in single player arcade mode.
Easy Difficulty of HD remix mode is where I earned this achievement, though I would venture to say you can earn it in Local Multiplay as well.

Try not to knockdown your opponent very much as they are invincible while on their backs. On the easy difficulty, the CPU rarely blocks so just walk up and use some powerful attacks to defeat them.
 Combomaniac (15 points)
Perform a combo of 7 hits or more.

Training mode was my friend for learning a 7 hit combo. You can't earn this achievement in training though, you can either do it in arcade mode, or the much friendlier "Local Match" multiplayer. I used Chun-Li in classic mode to get thisy.

Perform the following combo against Zangief to get the achievement.

1. Fill your meter.
2. Use your super. Hold for 2 seconds then , , Any kick (6/7 hits.)
3. Follow the super with Chun-Li's Upkicks. (8/7 hits.)

To perform the Upkicks, hold down for about two seconds, then press Up and any kick button. Make sure you charge the down direction while she is performing her super move.
Practice, Practice, Practice. You need to LEARN good execution, you can't just use it. Chun's timing is very lenient though.

You should do it in classic mode, Local multiplayer. Either should work.

 Sagat's Scar (10 points)
Defeat Sagat with Ryu's fierce shoryuken.

I earned this achievement in arcade mode, easy difficulty, HD Remix mode. You simply need to fight until you reach Sagat, then win the round by using Ryu's Fierce Shoryuken. It is also possible to earn in a 2 player local match.

To perform this move:


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