Arkadian Warriors - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Geared Up (5 points)
Equip a full suit of armor: Helmet, Armor and Weapon.
 Dungeon Delver (5 points)
Destroy all monsters in a dungeon level.
 Chain Master (10 points)
Achieve a 10 kill chain.
 Morph to Kill (5 points)
Defeat 10 monsters while in Alter Ego form.
 Team Work (10 points)
Complete 2 quests in one continuous co-op session.
 Class Act (10 points)
Complete at least one quest with each character.
 Master Bomber (10 points)
Kill 100 monsters using exploding vases.
 God's Champion (20 points)
Reach level 20 with any character.
 Gold Miser (25 points)
Accumulate 500000 Gold.
 Treasure Hunter (25 points)
Find 15 secret rooms.
 Merchant's Master (25 points)
Buy or sell 100 items.
 Snake Slayer (50 points)
Finish the game by beating the Gorgon.

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