Boogie Bunnies - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Bunny Hop (5 points)
Complete Level 3 in the Arctic Level
 This is most easily done on Arcade mode. The Arctic Level is the first snowy level that you play. Everytime you pass a board (by filling up your bunny meter), you'll advance a stage. This will be quite easy to get. Just pass the 3rd stage on the first world, and it's yours.
 Welcome to the Jungle (5 points)
Reach the Jungle Level
 The Jungle "Level" is the 2nd world you visit. After completing all the levels in the Arctic World, you advance to the Jungle World. Simply reach the fist stage (you don't have to complete!) in order to get this one.
 Party Starter (5 points)
Get a Dance Party started
 You should get a Dance party on the very first level in the Arctic World, during a tutorial level. This one counts, and you will unlock the achievement in the first level. You can get the dance party be clearing three aqua bunnies at once. This will initiate the dance party sequence!

Thanks to BTdavis22 for the tip!
 Bunny Blaster (10 points)
Clear 36 or more bunnies in a chain combination
 This sounds harder than it actually is. The best way to get this one, is to not worry about it. Play the game, and it will come in time. Here are some tips to get high combos...
1. Ignore one color. If you get a bunny in that color, shoot it away from a matching color. This way, you'll get a bunch of the same color eventually, and you can connect them.
2. Just wait. Sometimes big clumps of several different colors come together, and it just takes one bunny to nail that combo.
3. Be sure to use the sides. By using the sides, you can eliminate pesky colors that will stop your combo. So knock out those bunnies that are small and can't contribute to your combo.
 Party All Night (20 points)
Awarded for getting 4 dance parties in a single level
 You have to get 4 dance parties in one LEVEL, not one world. I got this still on the first world. This gets easier as you progress through the worlds because the levels take longer to complete. Refer to "Party Starter" on how to initiate the dance party sequence.
 Arcade Bunny (20 points)
Successfully complete the full game in Arcade Mode
 Self Explanatory. Arcade Mode is a timed version of Classic Mode, or vice versa. Just go through all the stages, and you will unlock this.
 Bunny Survivor (30 points)
Reach 100,000 points in Endless Mode
 Once again, it sounds harder than it really is. Use the previously stated tactics to improve your combo and just keep trying. It shouldn't be too hard! Remember that during the dance parties the you get a 2x multiplier!
 Carrot Topper (20 points)
Successfully complete the full game in Classic Mode
 I find this mode a little bit tougher than Arcade. In Classic Mode, the bunnies come down every 3 moves. This leaves time for strategy, but can be a pain if you just get a bad group of starting bunnies. Anyways, just complete Classic Mode.
 Quick Like A Bunny (10 points)
Complete a level in under 2 minutes
 This is most easily achieved on the very first level. If you don't get it right away (this was the first achievement I got) then just come back after you've got a feel for the game. This one will also come in time if you don't worry about it.
 Beat the Heat (15 points)
Complete the Beach Levels without losing a single bunny
 One you reach the Beach World, you have to complete them without letting one bunny fall into the water. As long as you keep up the speed, and be sure to keep your bunnies at bay, you'll be able to snag this one easily.
 Better Together (30 points)
Reach the Beach Level in Co-op Mode
 The Beach world is the 3rd world you visit, right after the Jungle World. You can do this in Local Co-op Mode with another player. It is difficult to do it with just another controller, but you can try it if you want.
 Hollywood Mogul (30 points)
Complete the Hollywood Levels without losing any bunnies
 It's the same as "Beat the Heat" except on a different level. The best way to get these is just to improve your combo and work at stringing together bunnies.

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