Aliens: Colonial Marines - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 60 achievements with a total of 1250 points.
 Another Day in the Corps! (20 points)
Complete Distress
 Bad Feeling About This Drop (20 points)
Complete Sulaco Falls
 Quoth the Raven (20 points)
Complete The Raven
 Still Got a Job to Do (20 points)
Complete Rampart
 Dragged Queen (20 points)
Complete Home
 Game Over, Man! (30 points)
Complete all Campaign levels on any difficulty
 Not Bad For a Human (40 points)
Complete all Campaign levels on Hardened difficulty
 State of the Badass Art (50 points)
Complete all Campaign levels on Ultimate Badass difficulty
 Short, Controlled Bursts (20 points)
Defeat all Xenomorphs in the Sulaco hangar bay without them crossing your barricade
 Fire Drill (20 points)
Arm the emergency release and escape in under 2:30 on Sulaco Falls
 Mostly Come at Night... (20 points)
Find Newt's doll
 Just a Grunt (20 points)
Complete Hope in Hadley's
 No Need For Alarm (20 points)
Complete One Bullet without setting off the alarm
 Heavy Lifting (20 points)
Defeat the Raven in under 1:10 on Soldier difficulty or higher
 Adios, Muchachos (20 points)
Gib two enemies at once
 Field Promotion (10 points)
Earn Rank 2 as a Marine
 Lean and Mean (20 points)
Earn Rank 20 as a Marine
 I Love the Corps! (40 points)
Earn Rank 60 as a Marine
 Oorah to Ashes (10 points)
Collect a Dog Tag
 Remember the Fallen (30 points)
Collect all 35 Dog Tags
 Personal Friend of Mine (10 points)
Collect a Legendary Weapon
 I Like to Keep These Handy (30 points)
Collect all 6 Legendary Weapons
 Another Bug Hunt (5 points)
Complete a Challenge
 Stay Frosty (20 points)
Complete an entire Challenge category
 Distinguished Service Medal (30 points)
Complete all Challenges
 I Feel Safer Already (10 points)
Have another player join your party
 Don't Count Me Out (5 points)
Revive a teammate
 Ready to Fry Half a City (5 points)
Edit a Marine Loadout
 Structural Perfection (5 points)
Edit a Xenomorph Loadout
 Perfect Killing Machine (20 points)
Upgrade every Loadout slot for a Xenomorph class
 Field Modified, Kill Certified (20 points)
Upgrade every slot for a weapon
 You Look Just Like I Feel (30 points)
Upgrade every Appearance slot once for your Marine
 Adaptive Morphology (30 points)
Upgrade every Appearance slot once for a Xenomorph class
 I Can Handle Myself (40 points)
Purchase all Upgrades for a weapon
 Majority Shareholder (25 points)
Spend 30 Commendations
 I Heard THAT (25 points)
Collect all 12 Audio Logs
 Entry Prohibited (20 points)
Kill 10 Xenomorphs that are using vents
 Let's Rock! (20 points)
Kill 10 Xenomorphs in a game with the M56A2 Smart Gun
 Need a Deck Of Cards? (5 points)
Set up a UA 571-C Remote Sentry
 Micro Changes in Air Density (10 points)
Track 100 hostile targets with the Motion Tracker
 It's a Dry Heat (20 points)
Kill 3 enemies with a single U4 Firebomb
 Eat This! (10 points)
Kill a Xenomorph with a shotgun at very close range
 Coming Outta the Walls! (10 points)
Kill a Xenomorph climbing on the walls or ceiling
 Secreted from What? (20 points)
Kill 5 Spitters without being damaged by acid
 No Offense (20 points)
Melee a Lurker that is pouncing towards you
 Arbitrarily Exterminated (30 points)
Kill 2179 Xenomorphs
 Anytime, Anywhere (20 points)
Kill a Crusher without it damaging you
 Love at First Sight (10 points)
Survive a Close Encounter with a Facehugger
 ... But No Cigar (20 points)
Rescue a teammate from a Close Encounter
 Thank You, That Will Be All (20 points)
Complete Stasis Interrupted on any difficulty
 I’m Happy to Disappoint You (50 points)
Complete Stasis Interrupted on Ultimate Badass
 We're Still Collating (30 points)
Find All Stasis Interrupted Audio Logs
 I Only Need To Know One Thing (30 points)
Find your family
 They Can Bill Me (20 points)
Destroy the Legato
 I Don’t Got All Day (20 points)
Sever the umbilical without missing a shot
 They're Dead, OK? Can We Go Now? (20 points)
Kill all the Lurkers in Sulaco engineering
 Now What Are We Supposed To Do? (20 points)
Escape the FTL ship
 We Are Leaving! (20 points)
Survive the Queen escape
 It's The Only Way To Be Sure (20 points)
Destroy all samples in the labs of the Queen module
Secret Achievements
Easter Egg (5 points)
Find the Easter Egg

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