NASCAR 2009 - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 25 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Keep On Truckin' (10 points)
Win a Craftsman Truck Series race (minimum of 11 opponents).
 Nationwide Reward (10 points)
Win a Nationwide Series race (minimum of 11 opponents).
 Sprint Ahead (10 points)
Win a Sprint Cup race (minimum of 11 opponents).
 Craftsman Champion (25 points)
Win a Craftsman Truck Series Championship in Career.
 Top of the World (25 points)
100 Rated Car for All Track Types.
 Nationwide Champion (25 points)
Win a Nationwide Series Championship in Career.
 Unfriendly (10 points)
Take track ownership from a friend.
 Chase for the Cup™ (50 points)
Qualify for the Chase for the Cup™ in Career.
 Chase Champion (50 points)
Win a Sprint Cup Series Championship in Career.
 Are You Experienced? (10 points)
Win a Sprint Driver Challenge Event.
 Experience Wanted (25 points)
Win 10 Sprint Driver Challenge Events.
 The Ultimate Experience (75 points)
Complete All Sprint Driver Challenge Events.
 Mach 1 (25 points)
Achieve a 761 Rep Rating.
 Movin' On Up (50 points)
Achieve a 3000 Rep Rating.
 To the Top (100 points)
Achieve a 5500 Rep Rating.
 Custom Car Creator (10 points)
Complete a Custom Car for all racing series.
 Trade Your Setup (10 points)
Upload a Car Setup to EA Locker.
 We're Talkin' About Practice (10 points)
Record a Lap in "Test and Tune" Mode.
 Kid Dyno-mite (10 points)
Achieve a Top Speed of 200+ MPH.
 Worst to First (10 points)
Win a race after starting in last place (minimum of 11 opponents).
 Online Horsepower (50 points)
Win a Ranked Race on Xbox LIVE.
 Cross Country (75 points)
Drive 5,000 Total Miles.
Secret Achievements
Move Over Jeff (25 points)
Won 82 races.
Chase for the Cups (100 points)
Won 8 Sprint Cups in Career.
King Me (200 points)
Won 201 Total Races.

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