Tales of Vesperia - Achievements
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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Too Much Free Time (20 points)
Patience. Hours and hours of patience.
 To Points Unknown (10 points)
The journey of 100,000 km begins with a single step.
 Grand Battles (10 points)
Monsters! Bring on the monsters!
 Jackpot (10 points)
Win more chips!
 Piggybank (10 points)
Save more Gald. More. No, seriously. A lot more.
 They Call Me... (30 points)
Clear sub events to acquire titles.
 Character Study (10 points)
Careful! Some skits are only available for a limited time.
 No More Grinding (10 points)
Just fight and fight until you don't really need to fight anymore.
 Map Nerd (50 points)
The camera reveals what the World Map holds...
 Monster Nerd (30 points)
Don't forget to use a Magic Lens or two. Or more.
 Item Nerd (30 points)
Careful! Some items are only available through synthesis.
 Little Mad Scientist (10 points)
Synthesize! Mash stuff up! Make lots of things!
 Back Up Plan (10 points)
Save points are located all over the world.
 Vesperia master (0 points)
Aim for total completion.
 The Hit that Keeps On Hitting (20 points)
Keep that combo going and going and going!
Secret Achievements
Eureka! (10 points)
You used Synthesis to create new equipment and items. Keep it up!
First Strike (20 points)
Took out your enemy in a single shot! Master this technique to gain advantage in battles.
Big Game Greenhorn (20 points)
Giganto Monsters are...special. Big. Strong. Nasty. Have fun!
Big Game Hunter (50 points)
You slew all Giganto Monsters! Nothing can stand before you! Careful, though. It's a big world...
Smarty-pants (10 points)
Hey! You answered every quiz question right! You are a true Tales fan. Thank you.
Speedster (15 points)
Whoa! Easy! Could you be any faster?! Relax. Take your time. There's much more to discover...
Ahhh, Memories (30 points)
You have cleared the Labyrinth of Memories. Did you enjoy the surprise?
Recovered the Aque Blastia (100 points)
You took back the aque blastia core from Barbos. This should fix the lower quarter's fountain.
Ended Alexei's Ambitions (150 points)
You put an end to Alexei's ambitions. However, the Adephagos remains. The battle continues...
Defeated the Adephagos (200 points)
You defeated the Adephagos with Duke! A new world begins. A world without blastia.
Bunny Guild Member (10 points)
Somehow, somewhere, you became an official member of the Bunny Guild. Who needs Brave Vesperia?
Low Level Challenger (10 points)
You defeated Barbos at Lv. 15 or under! Amazing! You sure know how to take this guy down.
Secret Mission 1 (5 points)
Defeated Zagi while protecting Estellise from Zagi's attacks.
Secret Mission 2 (5 points)
Downed Goliath by attacking its Achilles' heel while it charged X Buster.
Secret Mission 3 (5 points)
Learning from Karol's experience, you used the billybally plants to stun Gattuso.
Secret Mission 4 (5 points)
Lured Zagi to the side of the ship and knocked him overboard to cool him off!
Secret Mission 5 (5 points)
Downed the Dreaded Giant when it reared back and left itself wide open.
Secret Mission 6 (5 points)
Raven used Serpent to set a trap for the Gigalarva and prevented it from healing itself.
Secret Mission 7 (5 points)
VS Barbos. You took out the bridge supports, keeping him from calling out more of his thugs.
Secret Mission 8 (5 points)
Third battle VS. Zagi. Let him absorb too much magic, destroying his bohdi blastia.
Secret Mission 9 (5 points)
You defeated the Leader Bat and prevented Pteropus from recombining.
Secret Mission 10 (5 points)
VS. Outbreaker. You destroyed the core and prevented magic from inverting day and night.
Secret Mission 11 (5 points)
VS. Belius. You lit up all candlesticks and eliminated the illusions.
Secret Mission 12 (5 points)
VS. Nan and Tison. Timed your strikes between their attacks and knocked them down.
Secret Mission 13 (5 points)
VS. Schwann. Downed him by attacking when he was clutching his heart after his mystic arte.
Secret Mission 14 (5 points)
Fourth battle VS. Zagi. Used Karol's Nice Recovery Smash arte to force him to recover from poison.
Secret Mission 15 (5 points)
VS. Baitojoh. Hit it 3 times during it's Ice Edge attack and fished it out of the water.
Secret Mission 16 (5 points)
VS. Estellise. Used the item, Mother's Memento.
Secret Mission 17 (5 points)
VS. Yeager. Made his heart explode using Raven's Rain arte.
Secret Mission 18 (5 points)
VS. Alexei. Downed him by attacking when he was tired after his mystic arte.
Secret Mission 19 (5 points)
VS. Gusios. Attacked his tail, then downed him with a close attack while his feet were raised.
Secret Mission 20 (5 points)
VS. Khroma. Downed her by timing your strikes between certain of her attacks.
Secret Mission 21 (5 points)
VS. Flynn. He used every arte he could, including a mystic arte.
Secret Mission 22 (5 points)
Fifth battle VS. Zagi. Downed him by attacking after he becomes exhausted from Blastia Bane.
Secret Mission 23 (5 points)
Defeated Duke using a mystic arte.

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