Superstar Karaoke - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 10 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 연습생 졸업하기 (50 points)
웅이 캐릭터를 이용하여 연습생 랭크를 클리어 합니다.

In superstar mode, reach level 2 with Arareru, this is achieved at 50,000XP. A good score on a song can net you up to 2500XP, there is nothing to this achievement, just keep singing songs, any will do after choosing this character. The order is always the same: 3 of your choice out of a small list, then 2 chosen at random by stopping the numbers like a slot machine, then finally 1 more song by stopping a spinner every party style. None of these options matter for this achievement, just keep on singing songs for XP.

 데뷰 졸업하기 (80 points)
아라렐 캐릭터를 이용하여 데뷰 랭크를 클리어 합니다.

In superstar mode, reach level 3 with Fuzurugun, this is achieved at 120,000XP.

 후줄근 캐릭터 UNLOCK (100 points)
후줄근 캐릭터를 UNLOCK 시켜야 합니다.

This is for unlocking the Hujulgeun character, this is done by singing well with Arareru. After I got a couple of 100 ratings with Arareru this just popped right up. If it doesn't just keep playing as it will pop up very early on.

 S 등급 연속 획득 (100 points)
슈퍼스타 모드의 챌린지의 3곡 모두 S 등급을 받아야 합니다.

Very simple; just get S rankings on 3 songs in a row, you don't even have to do particularly well in this game to get an S rank; just hit most of the notes and you should be good.

 게임 판정 도전 (160 points)
슈퍼스타 모드에서 한 번이라도 게임을 Great 판정으로 모두 마쳐야 합니다.

Get all great on a song. By far the hardest achievement in the game, and about the only one you may not get from grinding out songs. Now, song 'selection' is a huge part of this achievement as I couldn't often get a Great rating on the shortest of notes, so you have to hope for a short song with no short notes to come up. The second method is to find an English song you can do well in and practice it. Then when you start a new 'Gig' if it isn't in the list of songs, hit then and the list refreshes with a new selection. Without this achievement the game would be an easy 1000. This will require luck and patience. Remember, this must be done in Superstar mode as well.

 레전드 랭크 달성하기 (130 points)
꾸멍이 캐릭터를 이용하여 레전드 랭크에 달성해야 합니다.

Reach Legend rank with the Dog, this is achieved at 720,000XP. Again there is nothing to this achievement but a long grind, just keep using the dog; I'd estimate around 300-400 songs. To unlock the Dog character, use all the other characters once. This is probably the longest achievement, but there is no luck involved which is nice.

The XP required to level up is as follows:

  • Level 1: 0XP
  • Level 2: 60,000XP (50,000XP for Arareru)
  • Level 3: 120,000XP
  • Level 4: 240,000XP
  • Level 5: 480,000XP
  • Level 6: 720,000XP
 티아라의 노래 교실 (180 points)
티아라를 이용하여 노래점수 100점을 3회 연속 획득해야 합니다.

Tiara's Singing lesson; get a 100 rating on 3 consecutive songs using Tiara. This achievement is misleading, as, from my experience, they don't need to be consecutive just as long as at least 3 of 6 songs in the Gig are 100 ratings, this will pop. This is not a problem and you will often get 6/6 songs at 100 rating. You needn't get all Greats to get this rating but just need to do pretty well and hit at least around 99% of the notes. There are many songs which have weird parts which you will get many misses, however this doesn't appear to affect the rating, as long as you clear the song.

 캐릭터 UNLOCK (70 points)
모든 캐릭터를 사용 가능하게 합니다.

Unlock all characters, very straightforward, the characters are unlocked as follows:

Arareru: Available at start
Fuzurugun: Available at start
Grandfather Kumoni: Reach Rank 4 with any character (at 240,000XP)
Hujulgeun: Do well with Arareru or just do many songs
Tiara: Do well with Fuzu or just do many songs
Dog: Complete a 'Gig' with all other characters

 지구력 테스트 (80 points)
“전설을 향해” 대회를 10회 연속으로 합니다.

Endurance: towards the legend. Once you have opened up the last 'Gig' with the Dog as you are leveling him up, keep doing it. Choose it every time and complete it 10 times in a row without backing out, failing, switching off your console etc etc. It sounds worse than it is, just hope that you get 60 songs which aren't impossible to pass (there were a few I could never manage which had odd bits which went to miss straight away). However, I never encountered these while playing as the Dog. This is simply perseverance, can be done on the way to the Legend Dog achievement.

 나바람의 운 (50 points)
나바람 캐릭터로 파이널 선곡 시 아이템이 있는 5번째 곡을 선곡해야 합니다.

Lucky Nabaru, or lucky Grandfather Kumoni; the achievement says it all, you have to get really lucky. While playing as Grandfather Kumoni, when using the spinner to choose the 6th song you need to have 'item' appear next to 5, then land on 5. Persevere and try not to back out of a gig as it may block this achievement. There is a one in 150 song chance of getting this one as it is 1 in 25 chance of landing on 5 when the item is there, also you only get to use the spinner one in 6 songs. There is nothing really hard about the achievement, just keep completing songs to gain the opportunity to use the wheel. Ratings attained on songs, or XP earned will not effect the result of the spinner in any way.


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