Wits and Wagers - Achievements
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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Go For Broke (5 points)
Bet all chips on one answer.
 Small Favors (20 points)
A correct bet on the lower than all bet.
 Best Bet (25 points)
Three correct bets in a single game.
 House Party (5 points)
Play with three friends on one Xbox 360 console.
 Block Party (20 points)
Play with five people in one game.
 Connected (20 points)
Play with ten different people online.
 Friendly (25 points)
Play fifty games online.
 My Favorite (5 points)
Receive a MVP award.
 Congeniality Award (20 points)
Receive ten MVP awards.
 Body Movin' (10 points)
Dance on every round.
 Wits Fan (30 points)
Play fifty games.
 Super Wit (15 points)
Answer all seven hundred questions of Wits & Wagers!

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