Feeding Frenzy 2: Shipwreck Showdown - Achievement Guide
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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Frenzyfest Master (15 points)
Come first in a Frenzyfest Tournament
 Frenzyfest tournaments consist 3-9 rounds involving multiple players racing to finish the task for each round as quickly as possible. Most involve eating the most fish or bubbles, but there are also tasks that involve flipping in the air more than your opponents and also a tail biting contest. Simply win the majority of these rounds and you'll get this achievement.

The points you earn in Frenzyfest tournaments also count toward the Life Of A Party achievement.

This can be unlocked in Local, Player, or Ranked multiplayer.

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 Well Fed Fish (25 points)
Accumulate 5000 fish in your food bank
 You need to obtain 5,000 fish in your food bank for this achievement. After each level, your score will be shown and tallied up.

If you do not have this by the end of the game, you can replay levels. Bonus levels give a lot of points too.

Can be done in Single Player and co-op mode, the points are cumulative.
 Fast Food (20 points)
Complete Time Attack!
 From the main menu, go to Time Attack Mode and complete it for this achievement.

You have limited time and infinite lives, so dash around and try and complete each level as quickly as possible. Many bubbles can help you, so try and grab all bubbles if and when you see them.
 Life of the Party (15 points)
Compete in Party Games to accumulate 1000 Party Points
 Each time you complete a round in Frenzyfest or just a single match in multiplayer, you earn Party Points. If you win the round you earn 100 points, but you also earn a small amount of points each time you lose. The quickest way is to win 10 rounds. This can be done alongside the Frenzyfest Master achievement (i.e. Play a 7 round FF tournament, then a 3 round tourney and win all rounds to get this achievement).

You should easily have this after a short while, since points are so easy to come by. If you can't find a friend or a match online, just hook up another controller and grab the easy wins.

This can be unlocked in Local, Player, or Ranked multiplayer.

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 Mega Frenzy (5 points)
Rapidly eat fish to max out the FRENZY meter in a single player game
 There are 5 different levels on the FRENZY meter, which is situated at the top of the screen. "Mega Frenzy" is the final level.

Each fish or bubble eaten goes towards it, so keep swimming and try to continuously eat them.

This achievement can easily be gained on Bonus Levels, as there are no enemies. Also, the button is very useful, as you can suck in whole schools of fish.

FF, Feeding Frenzy, bubbles make this achievement a lot easier, so grab them when you see them.
 Well Defended (10 points)
Accumulate three simultaneous fish shields
 As you progress through Story Mode, you'll notice reddish bubbles. These are Shield bubbles. When you eat one, a small fish joins your side and the next time a large fish tries to eat you, it dies in your place.

Simply collect three of these bubbles in one level so that you have three shields at the same time, and you'll unlock this achievement.
 Barracuda Bully (25 points)
Score a 'Barracuda Bonus' by biting a barracuda's tail four times in a row
 You need to bite a Barracuda's tail 4 times in a row and eat it, without it leaving the screen, to unlock this achievement.

You know when a Barracuda is coming as a yellow warning sign flashes on the side of the screen it will appear from.

Be quick to bite its tail, then retreat, as it turns quickly. Be patient and look for an opening, because as long as you're close to it, it will keep turning and stay on the screen. Then rinse and repeat 3 more times to shrink it. Once shrunk, gobble it up.
 School Teacher (20 points)
Eat 500 entire schools of fish, or swarms of bugs
 Once you are introduced to schools of fish and swarms of bugs early on in the game, you can start working towards this achievement.

If you do not have this achievement by the end of the game, simply replay levels until you get it.

The button is very useful for swallowing whole schools of fish in one go, and it is an extremely efficient method.

When you see the words "School Bonus" on screen, that means you have added 1 school to the 500 needed.

This is a cumulative achievement as Time Attack and Story Mode both count toward it.
 Flippin' Good Time (15 points)
Complete a Quadruple Flip
 Once you are taught how to jump out of the water to catch bugs, you can unlock this achievement on any level where there is a surface.

This achievement requires you to flip four times while in the air (with the button).

This isn't usually possible unless you have grabbed a Speed Bonus bubble (bubble containing Lightening Bolt), so once you've gotten one, get a nice charge up toward the surface and press five times as quickly as possible once you're at the top. The first press lets you jump out of the water, and the final four each correspond to a flip.

Odds are it'll take you a couple tries to get this, but it's rather easy once you've gotten used to jumping out of the water and doing a couple flips casually.
Remember to press the button five times and as quickly as possible, and you'll have it.

This can be done in Story Mode, Time Attack, and any multiplayer games that allow you to leave the surface of the water.
Secret Achievements
Fish Upgrade (10 points)
Awarded for your first fish upgrade in the single player story mode
 This achievement will be unlocked as you progress through Story Mode. When you unlock your first fish after Boris.

Can also be unlocked in Time Attack Mode, but not Story - Lite Mode.
Full Tank (15 points)
Awarded for unlocking all Fish Upgrades in the single player story mode
 This achievement will be unlocked as you progress through Story Mode. Once you have unlocked all fish which are shown on the level map. Excluding the Intruder.

Can also be unlocked in Time Attack Mode, but not Story - Lite Mode.
The Intruder (25 points)
Awarded for defeating the Intruder and completing the single player story mode
 This achievement will be unlocked as you progress through Story Mode. Once you complete the game by defeating the Intruder it should pop up.

Around level 50, you'll finally confront The Intruder for the first time. To fight it, bite the end of its antenna and lead it into a mine. Then grab the Shrink bubbles (mushrooms) and repeat. Once you beat him, you'll continue to the next level. You'll fight The Intruder multiple times, and the only thing that changes is which character you're fighting it as. Level 60 will be the final time you fight it, and thus the end of the game.

Cannot be unlocked in Time Attack Mode or Story - Lite Mode.

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