Gin Rummy - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Gin Winner (10 points)
Win 1 round by going Gin

"Going Gin" means winning a hand with no cards left in your Deadwood. This means that you hand of ten cards must consist of no deadwood, only a combination of melds. As the tutorial says, "there are two types of melds - runs and sets." A set is when you have numerous cards of the same number (for example the 5♥, 5♠ and 5♣). A run is when you have consecutive numbers within the same suit (e.g. 6♥, 7♥ and 8♥). When you pick up the last card you need for going Gin, but before you discard your 11th card, remember to press to knock, and then to select the card you wish to discard.

For a full example, a hand that would win a round by going Gin might be:
2♠, 2♥,and 2♣; 5♥, 6♥, 7♥and8♥; and J♣, J♠, and J♦.

A gin hand cannot be beaten, and will earn you 25 bonus points, plus the entire deadwood in your opponent's hand.

 Close Cut Match (10 points)
Win 1 round by Undercut
 An undercut is when your opponent knocks, in an attempt to win the round, but your deadwood is either lower or equal to theirs, meaning that you win. This'll earn you a bonus 25 points, plus the difference in deadwoods.
 Knock-out (5 points)
Win 1 round by Knock
 Once you've got your deadwood to lower than 10 (the lower the better), and you've got a good hard, press to knock, before you discard a card. Very easy achievement providing you understand the rules of Gin Rummy. In terms of scoring, a knock will merit you with the least, as you'll only be rewarded the deficit between yours and your opponent's deadwoods.
 Rummy Bunch (10 points)
Finish a 4-player game of Gin Rummy in any mode on Xbox LIVE
 As described, just take part in a 4-player match online. Doesn't matter if it is a Player Match or a Ranked Match, or which mode it is either, so I'd recommend Speed Gin as it is the quickest. Win or lose, you will still get the achievement. I'm not too sure how popular this'll be online, but I imagine it sometimes being hard to find people, so try using this thread for achievement trading.
 Setting Champ (10 points)
Win 1 round with only sets
 A set is a when you have three or four cards of the same number, for example 9♠, 9♥, and 9♣. Can be won with a gin bonus, or by knocking, or by undercutting. Just make sure you get three different sets and the lower the deadwood the better.
 Well-Suited (15 points)
Win 1 round with cards including deadwood from only one suit
 All ten cards must be the same suit, so it's best to do if you get a lucky hand with about five or six cards from the same suit, and aim to pick up solely that suit. It's pretty likely that by the time you have all ten cards in the one suit (and providing your opponent hasn't knocked) that you'll have a number of runs, or even one continuous run. Can be done online pretty easily, again check the Achievement Trading thread.
 On a Roll (20 points)
Win 20 rounds by going Gin in any game mode
 See "Gin Winner" - repeat this 20 times in any game mode. Also note that it's rounds, not matches, and that it's fairly easy to do once you're used to playing Gin Rummy and understand the rules/scoring. If you go to the Help & Options section in the menu, then Player Statistics, you can see how many rounds you've won by going Gin.
 Gutsy Gin Guru (20 points)
Win 1 round without drawing from the discard pile
 As described, win without drawing from the discard pile. The discard pile is labeled on screen, and is the pile with face-up cards that you and your opponent(s) discard. Simple enough, can be a bit annoying when you can see a card you need, but just remember to only draw from the stock pile and try and win. And also remember to pass on the very first card (by pressing ) as this is still part of the discard pile.
 Rummy Shark (20 points)
Win 10 matches or games in Single Player.
 Easiest done on Speed Gin, but easy enough on any other mode. Just win 10 matches: not games or rounds or hands, but matches. Again, you can check this in the Player Statistics in Help & Options (though this tally will include any online wins you've had, which don't count towards this achievement). You'll get this while going for the "Rummy Master" and "Rummy Buff" achievements.
 Merciless (25 points)
Win 1 Player Match hand against one player by 50 or more points
 This has to be done in a Player Match, and cannot be either 3-hand Gin or Speed Gin. Aim to get a Gin bonus, giving you a bonus 25 points, and just hope that your opponents deadwood is rubbish enough for you to get the rest of it. Personally, I had troubles with it, and only managed to get it as the host, but I'm not sure why.
 Rummy Master (25 points)
Win 5 games/matches in each single player mode, and 25 player matches
 Personally, I find the termonology quite confusing in this. You have to win five times in each of the game modes in single player: Classic Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Gin, Hollywood Gin, 3-Hand Gin and Speed Gin Rummy. Custom games aren't necessary for this achievement. The "games/matches" part varies per mode. For example, in Classic Gin, you need to score 500 match points to win, whereas in Speed Gin, you need to score 100 game points to win. Check the leaderboards to see how many wins you have for each game. On top of that, you need to then win 25 Player Matches online, on any mode.
 Rummy Buff (30 points)
Earn over 50,000 Total Points
 You'll get a lot of points going for the "Rummy Master" achievement, so just build on that, and remember that any points accumulated count, be it single player or online. You have to finish a match completely for the points to count, but it doesn't matter whether you win or lose.
To see your current total, from the main menu go to Help & Options -> Player Statistics.
The easiest way to rack up points is by boosting online. With a buddy, if you play Classic Gin, and one player scores no points at all, then the other will get a bonus in excess of 300 points from quite minimal work. Also, you can help each other get gin bonuses and the like pretty quickly.

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