FIFA 09 - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 58 achievements with a total of 1250 points.
 Bend it like a pro (15 points)
Score from a free kick in a match
This achievement can be quite challenging, even with a boosting partner or 2nd controller. The way I managed to get it was too aim for the top corner nearest to the keeper (so you dont have to worry about putting the ball over the wall). When shooting, hold , and fill your power bar about 1/4 of the way up. If it doesn't work first time, just keep trying, it'll come eventually. You can also unlock the "In Off" achievement by doing this, just as I did.

You are given a freekick when the opposing teams fouls you anywhere on the pitch apart from the penalty area.

 Screamer! (10 points)
Score from over 30 yards out in a match

This is very easy to do if you get yourself a boosting partner or 2nd controller. Just have the other person bring their keeper out () and shoot from around the kick off spot by holding .

 On the spot (5 points)
Score from a penalty in a match

If you dont already know, a penalty is awarded when you are fouled in the opposition penalty area. Just play a cup game and purposely let the game go to penalties, as long as you score 1, you'll unlock the achievement.

Or, if you cant be bothered doing that just get a boosting partner/2nd controller and get them to give you a penalty. If you're lucky you'll get this by just playing, but these 2 methods are extremely easier.

 Good head on your shoulders (10 points)
Score with a header in a match

This doesn't need much explaining, all you have to do is score a goal with your head, you can either do this by crossing the ball into the box and pressing , or taking a corner and pressing . It'll come in time.

Can be done with 2 pads.

 One goal a season (10 points)
Score with a defender in a match

This achievement is simple, just score a goal with a defender, if you’re not sure who is and isn’t a defender, press pause and go to team management and look at your team, defenders are players who are either, LB, LCB, LWB, CB, SW, RCB, RWB or RB. Also, defenders will have small yellow icons next to their names in team management.

Can be done with 2 pads.

 Eat my chip (10 points)
Score by chipping the keeper in a match

Not too hard, when your about to shoot, hold + and your player should chip the ball over the keeper into the net. Shouldn't take more than a few tries.

Can be done with 2 pads.

 On yer bike! (30 points)
Score with a bicycle kick

For this on I suggest using a boosting partner or it'll take ages.

Give the ball to your winger and run down the wing, just before you run out of play, cross it by double tapping . As the ball is coming to your player hold and double tap . This IS a hard acheivement, but will come with hard work. If you haven't got it already, you should unlock the "What a beauty" achievement as well. I scored with a scissor kick on a half volley and it unlocked

 In off (20 points)
Score off the woodwork in a match

For this achievement, you must score a goal, BUT, before you score, the ball must hit the post or bar before going in.

This pretty hard, I got mine at the same time as the freekick achievement, apart from that, I dont really know what else to suggest.

Can be done with 2 pads.

 Fling yourself at it (20 points)
Score with a diving header in a match

For this, pick Chelsea as your team (if you want is a.s.a.p) as Drogba is the player who does diving headers the most on the game. Try to play against a rubbish team, like Aldershot or Barnet (Both Coca-cola league 2).

I've been told that the best way to get this achievement is to give you're opponent a corner, then, once the corner has been taken, win the ball and fast break (Basically give it to one of your wingers and leg it). Once to get to around the edge of the penalty area, double tap to cross the ball, and double tap to do a diving header. If you successfully perform a diving header, the player will land on his chest. Once it goes in, achievement unlocked.

 Like on the training field (10 points)
Score from a corner

Not really anything to explain, when you get a corner, fill your power bar about 3/4 of the way up and keep tapping , if you win the ball you're player will either head it or volley it, and if the ball goes in, achievement unlocked.

You don't have to score from the actual corner kick and can be done with 2 pads.

 Wing play (10 points)
Score from a cross

Have one of your players run down the wing and cross the ball in (), and press to shoot, this may take a few tries but you'll get a goal eventually.

To see a cross being performed, see this video:

Can be done with 2 pads.

 What a Beauty! (5 points)
Score on the volley in a match

A volley is when you shoot without letting the ball hit the ground, in other words, in mid-air. The easiest way to perform a volley is to cross the ball into the box, and double tap when facing towards the goal. The ball MUST hit the back of the net before hitting the ground.

To see a volley being performed, check this video:

Can be done with 2 pads.

 Hero (10 points)
Save a penalty

The easiest way to get this would be to be boost or use a seond controller, and give away a penalty, but make sure that you tell each other what you're doing.

Or, if you dont have a boosting partner, you can play a cup match (Or normal k.o, I did it in a cup game on manager mode) and purposely let the match go to penalties, then work your way from there, you'll probaly save at least one.

 Director in the making (10 points)
Upload a video to EA Sports™ football world

Really simple, start any match and play for a few minutes. After about 5 minutes, press Start. From here go to Instant Replay and let it load up, re-wind the video to the start and then press the button, choose a slot for it to go in and wait for it to upload, once it gets to 100%, the achievement will pop up. This can also be done in the arena.

 Last Gasp Goal (19 points)
Score in the 89th minute

Pretty self-explanatory, just score a goal in the 89th minute of a match, if your not sure, the 89th minute is from 89:00 - 89:59 on the game clock.

Or, find yourself a boosting partner, and just before the 89th minute, have him/her bring their keeper out (), leaving you to just put the ball into an empty net.

Can be done with 2 pads.

You cannot have the second pad score an own goal, you must score yourself.

 Giant Killer (15 points)
Beat a five star team with a half star team

Start a new match and for your team choose a team with a rating of 1/2 star. I myself used Bury. For the opposition pick a 5 star team, I picked Chelsea. Just play through the match and win. The achievement will pop up at the end.

Can be done with 2 pads.

 A Man Down (20 points)
Win a game when down one man

Ok for this achievement, the first thing you have to do is get one of your players sent off. You get a player sent off by commiting fouls, the easiest way to do this is to just slide the opposition player (), by doing this you will usually get either a yellow card or a straight red card. If you get a yellow card, just do the same thing again, meaning you will get another yellow card, 2 yellow cards = red card = sent off.

Once you have your player sent off, you must then win the current match. I found the easiest way to do this achievement was to score a few goals and take the lead, and then get a man sent off. This way you dont have to worry about scoring with 10 players instead of 11.

Can be done with 2 pads.

 Custom sixty four winner (50 points)
Win a Created Tournament that starts with sixty four teams

Ok, to do this achievement, do the following:

Main Menu ===> Game Modes
Game Modes ===> Tournament Mode
Tournament Mode ===> Create Tournament

Set the tournament to the following:
Number Of Team: 64
Auto Fill Teams: No
Tournament Name: (whatever you want, I left mine blank)
Advanced Settings: On

On the next page, just change the "Fixtures V Each Team" to 1.

When filling in the teams, pick someone good like Man United, Chelsea, Barcelona, Inter Milan etc. Then for all the other teams choose teams from Coca Cola League 2 in England. From here on, you can either play all 6 matches or... sim all your matches.

If you've followed what I mentioned to do when choosing teams this should be easy, but just incase, save your game before every match. If you sim and lose, immediately turn your Xbox off if you have autosave enabled. Easier if you turn of autosave and just save after every win and reload if you lose.

 One star winners (75 points)
Win a Tournament that starts with sixteen teams, with a one star rated team.

For this one, do the following steps:
Main Menu ===> Game Modes
Game Modes ===> Tournament Mode
Tournament Mode ===> Create Tournament

Then choose:

Number Of Team: 16
Auto Fill Teams: No
Tournament Name: (whatever you want, I left mine blank)
Advanced Settings: On

For your team pick a team rated one star (I have highlighted the best ones in red IMO), all one star rated teams are:

Turn autosave off and sim each match and save after each win and reload if you lose.

Australian A-League
CC Mariners
Perth Glory FC
Old Roar

Austian Bundesliga
SCR Altach
SV Reid

Belgian Pro League
AFC Tubize

Czech Republic Ceska Liga
1. FK Pribram
CES. Budejovice
Sigma Olomouc
SK Kladno
Trescoma Zlin

Denmark SAS Ligaen

England Coca Cola League 1
Bristol Rovers
Crewe Alexandra
Yeovil Town

England Coca Cola League 2
AFC Bournemouth
Bradford City
Lincoln City
Luton Town
Port Vale

Germany 2. Bundesliga
RW Ahlen
RW Oberhausen

Ireland FAI Eircom League
Cork City
Drogheda United
St. Patricks

Korea Republic K League
Chunnam Dragons
Jeju United FC

Norway Tippeliagaen

Poland Polska Liga
Lodzki KS
Odra Wodzislaw
Polonia Bytom
Ruch Chorzow

Rest Of World
FC St. Gallen
Zaglebie Lubin

Sweden Allsvenskan
Orebro SK
Treleborgs FF

Switzerland Axpo Super League
AC Bellinzona
FC Vaduz

 Huge investment (20 points)
Buy a player in Manager Mode for 50 million of your chosen currency

If you follow this guide you will get the achievements quickly and simply.

The easiest way to do this this is the following:

Main Menu > Game Modes > Manager Mode > New Manager Mode

Choose Manchester United as your team. (Barclays Premier League). Leave all options as default, but change your currency to dollar ($). Pick any sponsor. Create a new save and save your manager mode.

From the main manager mode screen go to Menu ( ). Go to Transfer Central, then to transfer market. Press to search and choose detailed. Only change minimum overall to 85. Then submit search. If you've done everything right, a list of players should come up. Find Kaka and submit a bid for him (set the price to the highest it will go, and set the wages to the highest they wil go too).

***** "Huge Return" Achievement Part ****
Go back to Transfer Central and choose Transfer List.
Find Cristiano Ronaldo, and change his status to "For Sale".

Go back to the main manager mode screen. Sim your next match.

First of all you should receive a bid for Cristiano Ronaldo, if its over $50 million, sell him, and immediately the achievement "Huge Return" should pop up. If the bid isn't over $50 Mil, just sim the next match and again you should get another offer. You will also more than likely sign Kaka, and if you did it for over $50, that achievement should pop up to.

 Huge return (30 points)
Sell a player in Manager Mode for 50 million of your chosen currency

See "Huge Investment".

 Spending spree (20 points)
Buy 50 players in your career in Manager Mode

Pretty self explanatory, just sign 50 players all together in manager mode. It doesn't have to be done in one season, it is done over the course of the 15 seasons you spend in manager mode. I've found that the easiest way of doing this is to start a new manager mode with Manchester United. From here, go to the transfer market, and search (Detailed) Min Overall: 5 and Max. Overall: 50.

Then, just submit bids for any player's on that list that shows up, make sure you set your bid to the highest, and the players wages to the highest. Then, go back and sim your game. Afterwards, you'll receive messages off the board saying which players you've signed and who you've not signed. If you dont sign some one, dont worry, just go back to the transfer market and search again.

You cannot sign free agents or scouted players.

Once the transfer market shuts, just sim all your games until its open again, and repeat what you've been doing, if you run out of players on the Min: 5 Max: 50 list as you go along, change it to Min: 5 Max: 60.

 The purist (100 points)
Complete a Manager Mode season without simming any games

Self explanatory, you must complete a season without simming any matches. That mean that you must play every match (Including Cup Games etc.) from start to finish.

If you want to do it as quickly as possible, choose Sydney Fc as your team when you start. (Sydney FC are in the Australian A-League). The Australian A-League is the smallest league on the game therefore it'll be quicker to do than the Premiership for example. It only has 25 league games. Quite time consuming but keep at it and you'll have it quicker than you'd expect.

 Provider (10 points)
Perform a cross for a friend who scores from it (co-operative achievement)

The easiest way to do this is to get a friend to use a second controller, set up an exhibition match, and both move your controller to the same side.
Once it starts, you win the ball and run down the wing. When neccersary, cross the ball in to your friend () and get him to score. If it doesn't work, just keep trying until your friend manages to score.

If you have one, you can have a 3rd controller control the team your playing against and just leave it, and you can also bing the keeper out with that 3rd controller if it helps. This can also be done in be-a-pro mode, and be-a-pro mode online, and online clubs. As long as you provide a cross and one of your team mates scores you'll get this.

 Frequent flyer (20 points)
Win in every stadium

Simple enough, just win one match in every stadium in the game. There are 49 stadiums in the game, they are:

Allianz Arena
Aloha Park
Camp Nou
Crown Lane
El Bombastico
El Medio
El Reducto
Emirates Stadium
Estadio Azteca
Estadio De Las Artes
Estadio Del Pueblo
Estadio Latino
Estadio Mestalla
Estasio Vincente Calderon
Euro Arena
Euro Park
Football Ground
HSH Nordbank Arena
Ivy Lane
Millenium Stadium
O Dromo
Old Trafford
Olimpico Generico
Parc Des Princes
San Siro
Signal Iduna Park
Square Ground
St James' Park
Stade Gerland
Stade Kokoto
Stade Municipal
Stade Velodrome
Stadio Classico
Stadio Delle Alpi
Stadio Olimpico
Stadion 23. Maj
Stadion Europa
Stadion Hanguk
Stadion Neder
Stadion Olympik
Stamford Bridge
Town Park
Veltins Arena
Wembley Stadium

 Real world winner (20 points)
Win 5 Interactive League matches

To start an Interactive League game follow these steps:

Main Menu > Xbox Live > Online Game Modes > Interactive Leagues

Some people have reported this to be glitched, but this seems to have been fixed thanks to tattie:

"From playing tonight, someone quit on me so I went to their GC to send them an abusive message and it said they were playing an Xbox Live game, I know for sure when you play in the Interactive League it actually says I.Leagues, so I thought these games are counting as ranked and not I. Leagues.

More evidence, I have played I. League matches where if its a draw at the end of the match it ends because its a league, you don't do extra time, but some of the games do go into extra time which leads me to believe the MM system is not giving you I. Leagues all the time.

I believe this big bug only happens in the German leagues as I only have ever won 1 game in the French league, and got the achievement after winning in Germany.

To make sure you get an I. League match, Private Chat someone and ask them to view your GC while you play and if its says I. league, win the match. I can also confirm that you have to win a match in each league.

Basically, you know if you had a league match because when you press start it says "Return to League Community Screen."

 Ranked winner (10 points)
Win a Ranked Xbox LIVE Match

Self explanatory really, just win a ranked match on Xbox Live. You can either go on:

Ranked Quick Match.
BAP: Online Team Play
Fifa 09 Clubs
Online Leagues
Interactive Leagues

Whatever game mode you choose, just pick a strong team, and try your best to win. If your struggling to get a match find yourself a boosting partner.

 Manual labour (10 points)
Win a match with fully manual settings (no assistance can be switched on)

Ok, for this one, you just have to win with manual settings, if your not sure how to do this, then follow this:

Main Menu > My FIFA 09 > Settings > Xbox 360 Controller Settings

When you reach the 360 controller settings, change the following:
Auto Switching: All the way down (Move the bar as far left as it'll go)
Pass Assistance: Manual
Through Pass Assistance: Manual
Shot Assistance: Manual
Cross Assistance: Manual
Lob Pass Assistance: Manual

Once you've done all this, go to the main menu and start a normal kick off match. Just win the game and the achievement should pop up at the end.

 1st time out (10 points)
Win an Online League match

Self explanatory really, just win one online league match, if you don't know how to start an online league game, follow these steps:

Main Menu > Xbox Live > Online Game Modes > Online Leagues

If you are struggling to find a league or win a league match, you can use the Achievement Trading Thread, I'm sure there's someone else who is willing to help you get these if you help them.

 Living legend (50 points)
Reach legendary status for your country

This achievement must be done in a "Be-A-Pro" season, if you don't want it to take hours, then this is how I did it quickly.

Start off by going to transfers, pick any team to start, it doesn't matter. Once the transfer window comes up, press to search for players, choose detailed, and change the "Min Ovr." to 85. A list of about 6 pages should come up. You want to put all the following players in Sydney FC:

IKER Casillas - 91 (Spain)
Javier Zanetti - 86 (Argentina)
Lucio - 87 (Brazil)
Alessandro Nesta - 88 (Italy)
Phillip Lahm - 85 (Germany)
Carles Puyol - 88 (Spain)
Cristiano Ronaldo - 89 (Portugal)
Franck Ribery - 88 (France)
Kaka - 90 (Brazil)
Zlatan Ibrahimovic - 89 (Sweden)
Francesco Totti - 86 (Italy)

Then go into squads, and put these all as starters on Sydney FC and use the 4-1-2-1-2 formation (Main Menu ===> Manage Team ===> Team Management). Then choose any player off the starters and make them captain, I would suggest "Christiano Ronaldo" as he is by far the best player. But, if you choose someone else, make sure to also make sure to make the capital of their national country!

Once done, start a new "Be A Pro" season with Sydney FC, for your player select who ever you made captain. From there on in, simulate every single one of your matches, and this along with "Club God" should unlock along the way of the 4 seasons. I managed to get Club God after 2 seasons. At the end of the 4 seasons, you must win the Be-A-Pro world cup thingy to unlock "Living Legend". So I suggest that you play these matches, just to be sure, because many people have lost out here by simming their Be-A-Pro cup matches.

 Club god (40 points)
Reach legendary status for your club

Just follow my instructions for "Living Legend". This will unlock along the way.

 Club Tournament Mastery (50 points)
Ultimate Team:Win all gold Club Tournaments

For this achievement, you must win all the Offline Tournaments. If you cycle through the tournament page, every second trophy will have Offline Cup written above, those are the ones you must win all the way to gold.

There are six tournaments including the "World Trophy" shown above. You must win four matches in a row in each stage of the tournament. For example, win four matches in a row and you will have the bronze trophy, win another four you will have silver, and finally win four more and you will have gold trophy. Rinse and Repeat for all other five trophies and the achievement will pop after winning the final tournament.

 World Champion (15 points)
Ultimate Team:Win the Gold World Trophy

For this achievement, you first must select the correct tournament, go to club tournament and cycle through the trophies. When you find the tournament named "World Trophy", it should have Offline Cup written above it.

After finding the tournament, you now must win it. These Offline tournaments are against the CPU, so if you want a stroll in the park, set the CPU difficulty to Amateur, but be warned you will receive only 500 coins per match with a 9-0 win.

Each trophy has three stages, bronze, silver and gold. Before you can tackle the gold tournament you must win the bronze and silver. To win a tournament you must win 4 matches. For example, win four matches in a row and you will have the bronze trophy, win another four you will have silver, and finally win four more and you will have gold trophy.

 Online Tournament Mastery (50 points)
Ultimate Team:Win All gold Online Tournaments

All of the online tournaments will be shown with "Online Cup" written above the name, there are six in total.

To win them all you must follow the same procedure as for the "Club Tournament Mastery" achievement, but instead playing against other online gamers.

Tips for Online Tournaments

- Team Chemistry is everything, play players in the correct positions, use the most common favourite formation and use players from the same country.

- Pace is key, at the moment I have two bad strikers but with pace stats of 87 and 89. This results in me getting lots of 1v1 against the keepers. My most recent tournament win had my results 12-0, 5-0, 6-0 and 2-0.

- Pace at the back, a lot of the time you will come against players with good fast strikers. Having fast defenders is critical i.e. don't play John Terry!

- Don't Get Frustrated, I have been in a lot of finals/semi-finals only to lose when I get annoyed, stay calm, if you got to final you can win it! Not that you need reminding, never quit! If you do you will lose a contract and your coins. Take defeat on the chin like a man and win next time!

 Online Champion (15 points)
Ultimate Team:Win Gold Ultimate Team Trophy

To find this tournament, cycle through the tournament and look for the one named "Ultimate Team Trophy" it should also have "Online Cup" written above it,

This achievement is identical to the "World Trophy" shown above, but instead of playing the CPU you will have to play against other online players.

 Silver Packs (5 points)
Ultimate Team:Open first Silver Pack

For this achievement, all you need to do is buy a silver pack for either 2500 coins or pay 40 Microsoft Points. After opening the pack the achievement will pop.

You must have played at least six matches to be able to purchase a silver pack.

 Gold Packs (15 points)
Ultimate Team:Open First Gold Pack

Similar to the Silver Packs achievement, although for this one you will need either 5000 coins or 80 Microsoft Points.

You must have played at least twelve matches to be able to purchase a gold pack.

 Bigger Venue (10 points)
Ultimate Team:Upgrade to a Silver Rated Stadium

For this achievement, there are two possible ways of obtaining a sliver rated stadium. First, you could be lucky and get one in a pack that you buy, or you could go onto trade and search under "Club Info Cards" and pick one up on the cheap.

 The Collector (15 points)
Ultimate Team:Complete an 11 player team page in the collection

For this achievement, you will have to complete a team collection including eleven different players, the home kit, the away kit and the teams badge. You will need to use "Trade" a lot for this. The players are relatively easy to find as the search function contains a lot of filter, but finding the kits and the badge is time consuming. I would recommend picking a lower skilled team and sticking to that team. I have had numerous PM's asking for a specific team to pick, this is entirely up to you, but I personally chose Stoke City because I got the home and away kit easily. My suggestion would be find a lower ranked team that you already have a decent amount of cards with and choose them. Remember to search for cheap players.

You can check your Collection progress by going to Trading Menu, then selecting "The Collection."

If you are having trouble finding items to complete your collection, post your request here, our official card trading thread.

 Solid Gold (70 points)
Ultimate Team:Obtain 11 gold players

After playing a while, you will start to buy more and more gold packs, resulting in your team improving. Once you have collected 11 gold players, the achievement will pop. There is no need to have a starting 11 filled with gold players, just 11 gold players in your squad.

 Best of the Best (5 points)
Ultimate Team:Obtain your first Gold Rated Manager

This achievement like the "Bigger Venue" achievement can be obtained via two methods, you pick a manager up in a pack that you purchase from the shop/marketplace or you can visit the trading center and search under the "Manager" section and find one relatively cheap.

Secret Achievements
A.Bell Fever (20 points)
Catch the A.Bell Fever by beating the creator or someone who has already has the fever

This is a viral achievement, to get it, you must beat someone who already has it. This must be done over Xbox Live and the match does not have to be ranked. The achievement is widely spread out so it shouldn't be too hard to get.

But if your struggling to win you can find someone to boost this with here.

The ol' switcheroo (5 points)
Successfully perfom a pass that switches the play from one flank to the other

Ok, so basically, what this achievement means, is to perform a pass from one side of the pitch to another. You can do this with any team, in any game mode.

The quickest way to do this to have one of your players get the ball, stand at the side of the best, face towards the side opposite you, and hold down X (Full Power), 9 times out of 10 the ball will go to one of your players and you'll unlock the achievement once the other player gets the ball. If it doesn't work first time, just keep trying until you get it.

Time you played a match? (15 points)
Score twenty goals in the arena

See "Time you played a match?".

Gimme five (5 points)
Score five goals in the arena

All you have to do is score 20 goals all together in the arena, it does not have to be done in one go, but its probaly easiest if you do them all in one go.

If you have know idea what the arena is, its the place you play when the game first loads up and before you start to play a match. Once you score 5, "Gimme five" will unlock, and then when you score 20, this achievement will pop up.

Optimus Chung (10 points)
Win a game with adidas Live Season enabled

For this, you just have to win a match with the adidas live season enabled. To enable the live season, follow these steps:

Main Menu> Adidas Live Season
Adidas Live Season > League Selection

From here pick any league you want. It'll then ask you to enter your free trial code. You can find the code on the back of your manual. Enter it and you should be done. Once you've done that, follow this:

Main Menu > My FIFA 09 > Settings > Advanced.

Once that comes up, press RB 6 times and "Adida Live Season" options should come up. Turn them all on and go back to the main menu. Then just play a normal match on Kick Off and win. The achievement should pop up at the end.

The Peterson (1 points)
Play for over fifty hours

Self explanatory, just play Fifa 09 for 50 hours. When doing this you must play and complete matches. Therefore you cannot just leave you xbox on overnight to boost the time played. The hardest yet lowest achievement, just keep playing, it'll come.

A quicker way of getting this is to set up a 4 Minute Half match using 2 controllers, let the game finish a draw, and then let extra time finish as a draw. The match will then proceed to a Penalty Shootout. From there on in, just leave the controllers alone. Because your controller will take too long to take the Penalty, the CPU will take it for you, and will always put it straight down the middle, and the Goalkeeper will always save it, meaning that the game will just keep doing that, you can also leave your xbox on overnight doing this as well.

The Parolin Manoeuvre (10 points)
Win a game whilst not signed in to Xbox LIVE

Ok, this achievement is simple, just win any match whilst not signed in to Xbox Live. Just bring the Xbox guide up, and press to sign out. Once you've played a game, it'll pop up at the end.

The Poon Sang (20 points)
Win with 11 created players over xbox live.

To start off with, go to Manage teams from the main menu, then go into the creation zone and create a player. Create 11 players, you'll want 1 Goalkeeper, 4 defenders, 4 midfielders and 2 Forwards. Put them onto any team you want. Then go back to the main menu, back to manage teams, and go to team management. Find the team you put the players on and edit the squad so that they are all the starting 11.

For the next bit I seriously suggest a boosting partner, because its going to be hard winning genuinely with 11 created players against someone who will more than likely use one of the best teams on the game. Set up a game with your partner over xbox live, and have him let you win. Achievement will pop up at the end.

The Venhola Ice (20 points)
Win a FIFA 09 Clubs match with your club

Quite straight forward, just win an online club game with your club. You can either create a club or join a club, there are many clubs in the FIFA 09 forum which you can join. Get you and your team to go to the dressing room, and start a game. It doesn't matter how many players are there as long as your club wins. Acheivement will pop up at the end of the club game.

Sparkly Clean (10 points)
Keep a clean sheet
A clean sheet is given when you team does not concede a goal in the whole of a single match. This can be done in any game mode, boosted online, or done with 2 pads, and also, you dont not need to win, you can draw 0-0 and still get it. Achievement will pop up at the end of the match.
The Gipson Curse (10 points)
Go into an online match after choosing your own arena player

This achievement is pretty simple, although some people have reported it to possibly be glitched. But anyway, to do this, follow these steps:

Main Menu > My FIFA 09 > Arena Player Selection

Choose any player apart from Ronaldinho, and go back to the Main Menu. Go to Xbox Live and choose to play a quick ranked match, choose the team of the arena player you chose (e.g. if you choose Kaka, you'd pick AC Milan as your team) and wait patiently. The achievement should pop up when you are playing in the arena before the match, but it may also come up as you start the match.

Judas (10 points)
Beat your favourite team with their rival

If you cant remember who you chose as your favourite team, go to My FIFA 09 > FIFA 09 Profiles > Profile Manager. If you look at the bottom of the screen from here, it should tell you your favourite team and your favourite teams rival.

From here, go back to the main menu and start a normal kick off match, for your team, choose your favourite teams rival, and for the opposition, choose your favourite team. Just win the match and the achievement will pop up at the end.

FIFA Fair Play (40 points)
Play 5 consecutive matches without getting any cards (bookings must be enabled in the settings)

Ok, this is quite simple. You have to play 5 matches in a row without getting yellow or red carded. You get carded for commiting bad fouls, so I suggest that you dont use to tackle, but use instead, that way you're less likely to get booked. Online games do not count towards the achievement. Once you've finished the 5th match, the achievement should pop up.

Pictures speak a thousand words (10 points)
Upload 5 screenshots to EA Sports™ football world

This is simple, when you start any match (apart from xbox live games), just play for a few seconds, then pause the game by pressing . Go to "Instant Replay", and press in to take a screenshot. Once it has uploaded, keep uploading the same screenshot until you've done it 5 times, once the 5th one uploads, the achievement should unlock. This can also be done in the arena.

Duo-Hedgeidecimal (50 points)
Enter a match with 20 people in a Fifa 09 Clubs Match.

For this one, you must first go to your clubs dressing room. Then you must wait until 10 people enter the dressing room, once they have, press to start a club game. If the other team does not have 10 players then leave immediately. If the other team doesn't have 10 players, just have your team leave and keep joining matches until the other team has 10 players, when picking positions, make sure everyone chooses a postion, and that nobody chooses "any". If you do this you will not get the achievement. It will pop up just before the match starts if everything is ok.

Jonzo's Lounge (60 points)
Score 2500 points and win 5 badges in a single Lounge Mode match

To start a lounge match, follow these steps, Main Menu > Game Modes > Lounge Mode. This achievement can be done with 2 controllers, or you can do it against the computer, which to be honest, I found easier. For your team select a 5 star team, e.g. Man United, and for the opposition, choose a 1/2 star team, e.g. Bury. Now, on to badges, you can get them, for various things:

  • Score a freekick
  • Score a Header
  • Score from a corner
  • Score a Hattrick
  • Dont concede a goal
  • Score more than 10 goals
  • Dont give any fouls away.

If you do most of these then you should unlock the achievement at the end of the match.

The Kwong (10 points)
Score a headed goal with the shortest created player

This achievement can be boosted online or by using 2 pads. I would suggest boosting online. What you need to do is to go to the creation zone, and create 2 Central Midfielders (CM) and 2 Strikers (ST) and put their height as 4"11. You do not need to do anything else. You can these 4 players on any team you want, it does not matter.

Now, go Team Management from the Manage Teams section of the Main Menu, and put the 4 players you just created as starters. Once you have that done, you are ready to play. Start whatever match type you are using to do this, and once the game starts just score a header with one of the 4"11 players. I would suggest boosting this, because then you can just have your partner bring his keeper out (), leaving you to head the ball into an empty net.


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