Ticket to Ride - Achievements
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There are 15 achievements with a total of 250 points.
 Basic Training (5 points)
Complete the Tutorial.
 Train Drain (10 points)
Play all of your Trains during the match.
 No Train, No Gain (10 points)
Win 1 Ranked match playing Ticket to Ride™.
 The Long Haul (10 points)
Attain the Longest Continuous Route bonus card 5 times.
 One Track Mind (5 points)
Make sure all of your Routes are connected by the end of the match.
 The Big Score (30 points)
Score at least 150 points in a single match.
 Canadian Content (25 points)
In a Xbox LIVE match, connect all Canadian cities and win.
 All Aboard! (10 points)
Finish a match in which you have completed all of your Destination Tickets.
 Loco Motive (30 points)
Complete 8 or more Destination Tickets during a single match.
 I Think I Can! (30 points)
Win 25 Ranked matches playing Ticket to Ride™.
 Master Conductor (25 points)
Complete 50 matches.
 European Track Star (15 points)
Complete each of the 6 European Destination Tickets worth 20 or more points.
 Au Naturel (15 points)
Win a Ticket to Ride Europe™ match without playing any Stations.
 The Ticket Master (20 points)
Keep all 5 Destination Tickets at the beginning of a 1910 Mega Game and win.
Secret Achievements
Underachiever (10 points)
You played 10 games without earning any other achievements.

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