Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 You're a Star (10 points)
Collect 1 Extra Credit Star
 30 Stars (20 points)
Collect 30 Extra Credit Stars
 70 Stars (30 points)
Collect 70 Extra Credit Stars
 Super Star (50 points)
Collect all of the Extra Credit stars
 Smart Alec (10 points)
Get 500 answers correct
 Fast Fingers (10 points)
Get an answer correct in under 3 seconds
 Close Call (10 points)
Peek at your classmate's paper but don't follow
 Smarter Than a 5th Grader (20 points)
Win One Million Dollars in any game
 Teachers Pet (15 points)
Win One Million Dollars without cheating
 Ego Trip (15 points)
Win One Million Dollars in under 5 minutes
 Big Win (5 points)
Come first in a multiplayer game
 The Great Achievement Hunt (5 points)
For me to know and you to find out

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