Space Invaders Extreme - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Sure Shot (10 points)
Defeated a wave of invaders without missing a shot.
When there is a small wave to shoot at just take it slow and easy. Alternatively, get a laser in one wave and hold it until the next wave and release it and get all of the wave with the one shot.
 Combo Meal (10 points)
Destroyed at least 21 invaders in a row.
This will come naturally, but if you're struggling get a blue or green Power-Up for a laser or broadshot and shoot from one end of wave till other.
 Goliath Killer (10 points)
Defeated the first Boss Invader.
This will unlock once you complete the first stage. To kill the boss just keep shooting until you get to the weak spots, which are yellow. Hit that spot a few times and he will die.
 First Taste of Victory (10 points)
Won an online match for the first time.
You will need to win your first ranked or player match online. You can either do this with a friend or attempt this on your own with a random player.
 Lieutenant Rank A (10 points)
Achieved Rank A at the end of a level.
See Space Commander Rank S and follow the video for scoring tips. To earn an Rank A at end of any level, just keep hitting ships without missing and get as many bonuses as possible.
 Lone Wolf Victory (15 points)
Completed the game in Arcade Mode.
Just finish the game in single player. If you're struggling, go for power ups or get into Fever Mode to clear ships quickly.
 Hot Streak (15 points)
Triggered at least 4 rounds of Fever Time.
This is best done in Stage One. Get into the bonus round. Complete the round to go into Fever Time. Do not fire after this and let the fever run out. Now, repeat three more times and the achievement will unlock.
 Space Invader Veteran (20 points)
Won 25 online matches in VS Mode.
Defeat 25 people in VS online mode in the multiplayer. This can be done in a Player or Ranked match. If you're having trouble, trying boosting the achievement. You can find a boosting partner HERE.
 Team Victory (20 points)
Completed the game in Co-op Arcade mode.

Complete Co-op Arcade mode. This can be done online or locally with a friend.

 Hero of Nagoya (25 points)
Achieved 1 ROW using the Nagoya Attack technique.
A "1 Row" is where clear just one row without hitting anything else.
This is best done on Stage One right at the start. On the first wave take out all but the top row. If you hit one on the top row, restart.

Now let the last row come down the screen until a message appears saying Nagoya Attack, now finish off the row quickly.

Just watch the start to see the Nagoya Attack Method. Its easier to clear all but the top row so you don't mess up.

 Space Commander Rank S (25 points)
Achieved Rank S 3 times.

Watch this video. Once you have done this three times the achievement will unlock.

YouTube - Space Invaders Extreme - S Rank using the Nagoya Technique and Fever/Break Strategies
 Take That! (30 points)
Defeated a Boss Invader without missing a shot.
Start up stage one. Get to the boss then fire once at the yellow bomb ships and let them blow up, then carefully fire a single shot at the boss.  Keep doing single shots at the boss until yellow bombs appear again and repeat until he's dead. Just remember that you're aiming for the weak spot near the top. Be very careful not to shoot through the boss as parts you've already hit go grey. Hitting the yellow bombs does not count as a miss, but shooting through the boss will count as a miss.

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