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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Getting Started (10 points)
Killed 100 enemies

Refer to What I Do Best

 A Day's Work (20 points)
Killed 500 enemies

Refer to What I Do Best

 What I Do Best (30 points)
Killed 2000 enemies

Killing 2000 enemies in total will take about 1.5 playthroughs of the game. After one playthrough your total killcount will be between 1300 and 1500. Just keep slaughtering away, untill you have 2000 kills, using the Replay Chapter option. You can check your killcount via the Pause menu and Statistics. This achievement will come while working on the Samurai achievement.

Note: if you start a new game, all statistics, skills, etc will be reset to zero, so choose Replay Chapter from the main menu to get your killcount to 2000. Don't start a new game.

 You Can't Hide (20 points)
Lunged to 250 enemies

Lunging towards an enemy is done by pressing to lock onto an enemy and then pressing to lunge towards an enemy. Most of the times you will not kill an enemy directly when lunging to them, so you can lunge to one enemy multiple times. Perform 250 lunges to unlock this achievement, 'Lunge' and 'Pounce'.

 Lunge (10 points)
Lunged to 25 enemies

Refer to You Can't Hide

 Pounce (15 points)
Lunged to 100 enemies

Refer to You Can't Hide

 Piggy Back Ride (10 points)
Lunged to a W.E.N.D.I.G.0 prototype's back

You will encounter the first W.E.N.D.I.G.0 prototype when in the Weapon X facility. As it comes running towards you roll away by pressing and at the same time and using the to roll away. Once it pounds on the ground with its fists use to lock on and to lunge to the W.E.N.D.I.G.0 prototype's back.

 Quick Killer (10 points)
Quick Killed 1 enemy

Refer to Efficient Killer

 Efficient Killer (15 points)
Quick Killed 20 enemies
Quick Kills are executed by grabbing an enemy with then pressing to initiate the quick kill. When Wolverine's hand starts to glow and you hear a sound press again to execute the quick kill. Do 20 of these for the achievement and at least 3 in a row to unlock Perfect Killer. When going for Perfect Killer just make sure you don't use normal attacks untill you have it.
 Perfect Killer (20 points)
Quick Killed 3 enemies in a row

Refer to Efficient Killer

 Drop Dead (10 points)
Killed 10 enemies by throwing them off high areas
The best (and first) place to do this is when you are taking out the first Ion Emitter. Grab an enemy by pressing and then using to point in the direction you want to throw them. Wolverine will automatically throw them. During the fight on the Ion Emitter you will fight more then ten enemies in total, so throwing ten of them off the tower should be easy. If you don't get the achievement here, there will be plenty of opportunities later on in the game, for example when taking down the second Ion Emitter.
 Apprentice (10 points)
Raised One Combat Reflex to Master Level

Refer to Samurai

 Samurai (25 points)
Raised All Combat Reflexes to Master Level

Wolverine has five Combat Reflexes, which all have three levels. You improve your level by beating enemies that fit in the type of reflex. The five reflexes are:

  • Machete (any enemy with a machete): Replay Level 1.1 or Level 5.1
  • Machine Gunner (any enemy with a gun): Replay Level 4.3
  • Jungle Mutants (Hunters, Shifters, Leviathans): Replay Level 5.1
  • Robots (Enforcer Droid, Predator Unit, Mark 1 Prototype):  Replay Level 3.2
  • Specialized Military Units (Elite Commandos, Goliaths, W.E.N.D.I.G.0 Prototypes, Ghosts, Grenadiers): - Replay Level 4.3

Once you find the Samurai Mutagen make sure to equip this, as this advances your reflexes faster. Make sure to find all three to max out the increase.

 Mutant Lover (15 points)
Raised one Mutagen to level 3
Mutagens can be found as tokens througout the game and improve your skills. Every Mutagen has three levels, for which you have to find all three tokens from one Mutagen to get this achievement.
 Astonishing (20 points)
Found 1/2 of all Dog Tags in the game

Refer to Devil's Brigade

 Devil's Brigade (30 points)
Found all Dog Tags in the game
In total the game has 95 Dog Tags scattered around in the game. The best way to find them is using your feral senses (activated by ). Each Dog Tag is around the neck of a dead soldier, which glows bright green when using feral senses. Search in every corner of every level to get them all. Note that if you die in a section, you also have to pick up the Dog Tag again, the game doesn't save this before you get to the next checkpoint.

Check out the Collectible's Guide for an overview of the Dog Tag locations.

 Defensive (10 points)
Performed 1 Counter move

Refer to Untouchable

 Untouchable (20 points)
Performed 25 Counter moves
A counter move is executed by blocking a melee attack from an enemy by pressing and then pressing . A counter move can be executed against stronger enemies like Hunters. When fighting them, at certain points the action goes into slow motion, this is the moment to execute a counter move.
 Catch! (10 points)
Killed 1 enemy with a reflected projectile

Refer to Boomerang

 Boomerang (20 points)
Killed 25 enemies with a reflected projectile
You will first encounter enemies with rocket launchers in the Weapon X facility level. To reflect a projectile press just before it hits you. If you reflect a projectile it will instantly kill the enemy that fired it. During one playthrough you encounter approximately 25 enemies with a rocket launcher. So if you want to get this achievement on your first playthrough, make sure to kill all enemies with rocket launcher by reflecting the rockets. If you don't get this achievement in one playthrough, load up level one, checkpoint Light at the End of the Tunnel. There are two Grendadiers right after the start, and one just before exiting the tunnel.
Note: Make sure you don't reflect and kill the enemy mentioned in the Collectible's Guide for Dog Tag #42 - you need to lunge to this enemy or you can't reach the tag.
 Aerial Assault (10 points)
Performed 10 Air Grabs

An air grab is done by jumping up with and then grabbing your enemy in mid-air with . You can use this move when fighting enemies with machetes as they will often lunge towards you. Note that lunging towards them and throwing them away or just grabbing them from the air does not work. You only execute an air grab with the described method. There is not really a place to grind this achievement, but if you wanna get it quick, do it when and right after fighting the first Machete Champion of the game in the first level.

Usually you will not instantly kill an enemy with an air grab, so you can use this attack on them multiple times.

 Ultimate Wolverine (15 points)
Fought 4 W.E.N.D.I.G.0 prototypes at the same time and defeated them at Alkali lake.

During the second level (The Frozen Tundra) at one point you will come onto a roof with four pods with W.E.N.D.I.G.0 Prototypes in them. At that moment you are chased by a helicopter with Agent Zero (Nord) in it, who will shoot one of those pods releasing the prototypes. Run up to the other three pods and destroy these to release the last few prototypes. When fighting the prototypes take your time, get out of the way on time and only lunge towards them if you're sure they just pounded the ground and won't pull you out of the air. It will probably take some time to defeat all four of them.

If one of the prototypes get taken down by another prototype (it happens), there will be no consequences for the achievement, as long as you fight them all four at the same time and come out as the winner.



 Hot Potato (20 points)
Light 20 enemies on fire

There are several ways to get this achievement. The first is when fighting a Machete Champion, let it lunge towards you. Once it hits you there will be a fireball that sets you on fire. When on fire, lunge towards other enemies to set them on fire in return. Lunging towards the Machete Champion does not count.

Alternatively in the first section of the first level (Unstoppable, Origins) you have to crash a jeep through a door. By doing this you will light two enemies on fire. It will take you about ten minutes every time to get to this section and you will probably light at least 6-10 enemies on fire in one playthrough, even if you are not really focusing on it. If you decide to replay this section a few times, be sure to continue to the next checkpoint, otherwise the game won't save the kills.

However, the best method is when in level three, to load section three. You will start in a courtyard with one or two Shifters (dependent on difficulty you play on) and a spawning machete enemy. First, take out the two Shifters, as they prevent you from lunging, do not kill any of the machete enemies. After taking out the shifters jump on the pad that lets two columns rise up in the courtyard. Jump up to the highest column and lunge towards the spawning machete guy. Do not kill him! Move on to the block with the fire that is off to the left. Kick it off, and jump on top of it. This way you will be set on fire. Next thing to do is light other enemies on fire by lunging towards them or just making contact. As you have a spawning machete enemy getting at least ten would be no problem. If you're smart enough and don't light the spawning machete enemy on fire (he will sometimes jump down after you have lunged towards him), you should be able to get the achievement in one go. Otherwise, replay the section one more time.


 Shotgun Epic Fail (15 points)
Killed 25 Ghosts with their own weapon
Ghosts are the enemies that go invisible and shoot at you with their shotguns. You will encounter plenty of them during the game. When coming across a section with Ghosts make sure to activate your feral senses by pressing . This way you will be able to see the Ghosts. Press to grab a Ghost and then start tapping to turn his own shotgun against him. Make sure to press quickly after grabbing the Ghost, or else Wolverine will throw him away.
 James Howlett (15 points)
Performed a Wolverine to Wolverine Lunge

There are several Wolverine statues hidden throughout the game. After finding two of the same type you will unlock a bonus challenge. This challenge can be accessed via 'Bonus' in the main menu. You will fight a classic Wolverine in this challenge. During the fight, create some distance between you and the classic Wolverine, lock on with and when the classic Wolverince lunges towards you do the same by pressing . This will unlock the achievement.


 WoW! (15 points)
You feel cold as you examine the skeleton and read the name "Arthas" etched into the nearby sword
This one can be found in level 2: The Frozen Tundra, checkpoint What I Do Isn't Very Nice. After you defeat the two W.E.N.D.I.G.0 Prototypes and got into the forest again Nord will start talking to you. After he finished you will have to climb up two short ledges close together. After climbing up the second ledge, there is a fallen tree leading of to the right. Walk over the tree into the cave with the skeleton and sword. Look at the sword to unlock the achievement.
 Aerial Master (15 points)
Got 6 enemies airborne at once

To get an enemy airborne you have to pound on the ground, by holding when in the air.

The level to try this in is the third (Days of Future Beginnings), and the section is Betrayal. You will first need to eliminate enemies in a courtyard and then advance into a section with three statues. To move these statues you need to operate a wheel. Go get the part needed to assemble the wheel, as soon as you have it (first you have to defeat a Hunter and Machete Champion) a lot of machete enemies will come out. Hold to block and let six enemies close in around you. Once you have six enemies surrounding you, jump up and do a ground pound to get the enemies airborne. After doing this, unleash a Claw Spin attack on them to get the Slice 'n Dice achievement as well in one go.


 Fully Loaded (35 points)
Maxed out all upgrades
Maxing out all upgrades means you have to acquire all skills. To acquire a skill you need to spend Skill Points on it. The amount of Skill Points you need for each skills differs, but in total you will need 69 Skill Points. Every time you level up, you will get 2 Skill Points, but you only get Skill Point from level 5 on. After one playthrough you will be at level 31-35 approximately and to get 69 Skill Points you need to get to level 39. You should get the last few levels while working on the Samurai achievement - if not, replay Level 5 and throw people off the sides to quickly gain experience.
 Slice n' Dice (15 points)
Killed 6 enemies with a single attack

Refer to Aerial Master

 Found! (15 points)
You found a mysterious hatch!
In the first level (Origins) in the first section (Unstoppable) you will have to crash a jeep through a door. Defeat all enemies in this area, move on to the next and after wallclimbing to the next area there will be four enemies with machetes and two with machine guns. One of them is high up on some rocks, the other is standing in front of an entrance barricaded with some wooden planks. Smash out the barricade and you will find the hatch, stand on top of it untill a light start shining through the window in the hatch.
 Slaughter House (15 points)
Dismembered 100 enemies

This will usually happen when you fully execute a combo, when using special attack, such as the Claw Spin or in Berserker mode. Don't worry though, because in the course of one playthrough you will easily dismember more than 100 enemies.

To manually cause a dismemberment, hit an enemy a few times to weaken them and use a single attack with - if they are weak enough, you will dismember them. If not, hit again and keep trying. You shouldn't really need to "try" for this achievement though.

 Blender (25 points)
Killed 200 enemies with Claw Spin
The Claw Spin attack is unlocked early on in the game and can be used by pressing and . You can only use the Claw Spin when you have enough Rage (the yellow bar below the health bar represents the amount of Rage you have). To make the Claw Spin more effective be sure to get the Claw Spin damage and duration upgrades from the skills menu. Also, equiping the Inner Rage Mutagen helps you get more Rage from kills, refilling your Rage meter faster, so you can use the Claw Spin more often.
 Walking Death (50 points)
Beat the game on Hard Difficulty
Hard mode on X-Men Origins: Wolverine is not much more difficult than normal mode. The enemies do more damage and you do less damage. So the mantra for finishing hard mode is a lot of patience. Follow the smart road: when coming across spawning machete guys, kill the leader first; when you can throw enemies off high ground or impale them on a forklift, opt for that instead of trying to kill them the conventional way; use the quick kill feature often, especially against Ghosts and Shifters; take down machine gunners before going after melee enemies; be patient when fighting Levathian and W.E.N.D.I.G.0 Prototype.
Also, make use of your Mutagens and Skill Points. Equip the right Mutagens to gain experience and reflexes faster or opt for faster healing or less damage. With Skill Points, buy more health and upgrade the damage you do with your claws. If you use Berserk mode or Claw Spin a lot, make sure to upgrade these as well. Gather as many dog tags and health bonuses as you can find. The extra experience from the dog tags can bring you extra Skill Points and a bigger health bar means less dying.
 Heightened Senses (20 points)
Killed 200 enemies in Feral Sense
Feral Senses are activated by pressing . Use it when you are chopping away on people during the game. There is no limit to using Feral Senses, however the game deactivates it automatically after a certain time, just press again to activate it.
 Environmentally Friendly (15 points)
Killed 10 enemies using objects in the environment

Refer to Whatever it Takes

 Whatever it Takes (20 points)
Killed 30 enemies using objects in the environment
If you activate Feral Senses by pressing you will see objects glowing green in the environment. These are usually sharp spikes, forklifst with blades or trees with pointy branches. By grabbing an enemy with close to one of these objects you will trigger an animation and impale the enemy on the object. You can also throw them onto a spike from a distance by grabbing them with and using the to throw the enemy in the direction of the object.
 Bloodlust (20 points)
Killed 50 enemies while in Berserker mode

Refer to Weapon X

 Weapon X (25 points)
Killed 150 enemies while in Berserker mode
Berserker mode is unlocked relatively early in the game and it makes you much more powerfull when activated. Press plus to activate, you will see that your claws glow red, as long as they are red Berserker mode is active. You can only activate Berserker mode when you have enough Rage (the yellow bar below the health bar represents the amount of Rage you have). Kill a total of 150 enemies while Berserker mode is active. It's best to use in areas with many enemies, as it uses a lot of your rage meter. Also, equiping the Inner Rage Mutagen helps you get more Rage from kills, refilling your Rage meter faster, so you can activate Berserker mode more often.
 The Cake (15 points)
You found the cake, yummy!

In level 3: Days of Future Beginnings, load up the Bolivar Trask section and fight your way to the Cryo Freeze room. Here you will also have a Teleporter, you can move it to the left to get a Power Cell, but if you move it all the way to the right it will go into a secret area, in which you will find the cake.

Secret Achievements
Bar Fight (30 points)
Defeated Victor Creed (Sabretooth)
Story related achievement, cannot be missed. Fight is after the first jungle section in the first level. Tips on beating Victor Creed: Victor Creed is the first boss fight in the game, so he is not going to give you to much trouble. Block him when he is attacking and use combo's to deplete his health, lunging and then executing a combo with works well or you can use Berserker mode (activated by plus ) to make your attacks do more damage. You have to fight him both inside and outside the bar.
Spillway Escape (30 points)
Escapes from Weapon X
Story related, cannot be missed. End of the first Weapon X facility level. Tips on Spillway Escape: this is no boss fight, so not much hints, after the flood gates open, run like hell, once the camera shifts make sure to keep walking straight forward. This can be tricky as you have to change the direction of the as the camera moves. Once the camera is behind you, lock on to the soldiers in the trucks and lunge towards them. Defeating all soldiers in the trucks is a breeze. To defeat the Grenadier in the last truck you have to deflect his rocket to kill him, this is the only way, lunging does not work.
Helicopter Ride (30 points)
Defeated David Nord (Agent Zero)
Story related, cannot be missed. Fight is after the third Weapon X facility section. Tips on defeating David Nord: you will not directly fight David Nord, however, he can make your life really difficult. After defeating the four W.E.N.D.I.G.0 Prototypes on the roof top lunge towards the first helicopter (press to lock on and to lunge). Set the engine on fire and evade the shotgun bursts. Smash the glass of the window and pull out the pilot. Freefall to the next chopper and land on near its tail rotor. Use or to cut off the tail of the helicopter and freefall to the next chopper. Again, land near the tail rotor and then start tapping or like crazy to destroy the rotor and make the chopper crash.
The Village (30 points)
Completed the Jungle Mission

Story related, cannot be missed. The jungle mission is cut up in pieces that you will go through over the course of the game. The last section of the mission is the first section of level 5 (the level after defeating Gambit), after you finish this section the achievement will unlock.

Put up your Dukes (30 points)
Defeated Fred Dukes (The Blob)
Story related, cannot be missed. Right after defeating the Sentinel Mark you will go head to head with Fred Dukes. Tips on defeating Fred Dukes: Fred is huge and that is his main weapon, he will pound on the ground with his hands and feet, using all his weight to knock you out of balance. Stay clear when he is going to attack and then move in to do damage. After doing some damage he will come running towards you and slide over the floor of the grocery store. Once he comes to a halt grab onto him with , or if you are far of, lunge towards him with and . When on his back, you can 'steer' Dukes in the right direction by pressing or , doing so also depletes his health. Crash him into on of the four destructable walls in the middle of the grocery store for maximum damage. When taking on Fred Dukes also get the "Clean Up on all Aisles" achievement.
The Dead Pool (50 points)
Defeated Weapon 11 (Deadpool)

Story related, cannot be missed. Weapon 11 is the final boss of the game, you will encounter him at the end of level 5. Tips on defeating Deadpool: he is the last boss and will give you some serious trouble, especially on hard... unless you fight cheap.

The surefire way to kill him without issue is to charge a heavy attack (hold ) and use it to launch him in the air. Jump and stab him 5-6 times but DO NOT finish the combo. If you do, it will send him flying off the side, but he will teleport back and be far away from you. Instead, let him fall to the ground. Immediately charge another attack with and repeat this process until he is dead. If he does get away, move toward him quickly and lunge to him. Start back with the cheap aerial assault as soon as you can.

52 Pickup (30 points)
Defeated Remy LeBeau (Gambit)

Story related, cannot be missed. Remy LeBeau is the boss of the fourth mission of the game, this mission plays in a casino. Tips on defeating Remy LeBeau: Gambit is a tough nut to crack. He shoots from his hands, has a stick with which he can do quite some damage and is pretty fast too. Deadpool might be a bit tougher to beat, but in terms of longevity, Gambit might beat him. You have to a lot of blocking and countering to defeat him. Try to deflect the lasers he shoots from his hands and then lunge towards him. There will be two points where you have to deflect his attacks to advance the fight. The first time he is standing underneath one of the letters of the casino name, the second time he is standing on top of one. There is no use in attacking him at these points, deflect the attacks, so the letters come crashing down and continue the fight.

Note: This fight is sometimes very glitchy. If Gambit disappears, you'll have to restart.

Threading the Needle (15 points)
Flew through the O ring in the Sentinel Boss Battle
When fighting the Sentinel destroy its feet and hands (refer to Fallen Sentinel) so it takes off. During the freefall there will be loads of objects broken of the Sentinel that come flying towards you. After destroying the Sentinel's first engine you will have to freefall towards the Sentinel again. During this freefall there will be a piece of debris shaped like an O coming towards you, you have to fly through this piece to unlock the achievement.
Fallen Sentinel (30 points)
Defeated the Sentinel Mark

Story related, cannot be missed. You fight the Sentinel after exiting the Project Wideawake facility (level 3). Tips on fighting the Sentinel: the Sentinel Mark is a tough guy to take down. He will pound on the ground with both his hands and feet, this will send shockwaves that will knock you off your feet. If you jump you can avoid these shockwaves. Lunge towards the Sentinels feet and slash away until they explode, then repeat this process with his hands. He will make a sweeping movement over the ground a few times, at these moments, let him pick you up and slash away with or . As soon as you have demolished the Sentinel's hands and feet it will take off, with you clinging onto him.

When the cutscene ends start the freefall towards the Sentinel. Make sure to steer clear of the large pieces of debris or fly through them by pressing . The very large pieces that come off the Sentinel cannot be destroyed and have to be evaded. You first have to destroy its two engines and then pop up a shield on its chest. Once you get to this section tap like crazy with , to knock the shield of the Sentinel. If you are not fast enough, it will blast you off and have to do it again. Once you knock of the shield a cutscene will start where Wolverine destroys the Sentinel.

Also see the description for "Threading the Needle" to get another achievement during this boss fight.

Stick Around (10 points)
Impaled Victor Creed outside the Bar
When fighting Victor Creed in the bar in the first level of the game, deplete his health to zero and the fight will continue outside the bar. When outside use your Feral Senses () to detect the objects in the environment that can be used to impale him on. Either grab him near one of these objects, throw him against one of these objects or hit him against one of these objects. There are two telephone poles and a spike attached to the roof of the bar that you can use to impale Victor Creed on.
Clean Up on all Aisles (10 points)
Destroyed all objects in the grocery store fight with Fred Dukes (The Blob)

At the end of the third level you will fight Fred Dukes in a grocery store. The store is filled with fridges, storage racks, boxes and other objects that can all be destroyed. Make use of Fred Dukes when destroying all these objects by having him pound close to objects that you still need to destroy. There are also four walls in the grocery store, you do not need to destroy these to unlock the achievement.



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