The Darkness - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Hoodlum (5 points)
Be on the winning side in a multiplayer match in any of the multiplayer modes
 See "The Don" for more information.
 Patriot (5 points)
Capture a flag in a CTF match
 See "Flag Owner" for more information.
 Murderer (5 points)
Claim 20 Killing Streaks in multiplayer
 See "Butcher" for more information.
 Hard to Kill (5 points)
Take enough damage without dying within a multiplayer match
Join a match with a friend and have him shoot you with a pistol a few times (it does 32 damage, so three shots is all you need) and then grab health to bring you back up to 100.
 Flag Runner (5 points)
Capture 20 flags in a CTF match
 See "Flag Owner" for more information.
 Flag Owner (10 points)
Capture 50 flags in a CTF match
 You will get this along the way if you boost for the 250 wins.
 Butcher (25 points)
Claim 20 Killing Streaks in multiplayer
Every four kills you get without dying will count as a Killing Streak. Simply join a match with a friend and kill him four times, then have him kill you so your streak resets. Repeat 20 times.
 Mook (5 points)
Be on the winning side in 5 multiplayer matches
 See "The Don" for more information.
 Henchman (15 points)
Be on the winning side in 20 multiplayer matches
 See "The Don" for more information.
 Contract Killer (25 points)
Be on the winning side in 50 multiplayer matches
 See "The Don" for more information.
 Made Man (35 points)
Be on the winning side in 100 multiplayer matches
 See "The Don" for more information.
 The Don (45 points)
Be on the winning side in 250 multiplayer matches

These achievements have become much harder due to the patch that came out in early 2008 that barred 2 people doing it by themselves on the same team. You can no longer have a 2 vs. 0 match and get this achievement for two people at the same time. The games must be a minimum of 1 vs. 1, so you will have to boost 500 games total, 250 wins each. A CTF game is the fastest way to get wins.

Warning: For some reason, the game likes to reset wins or just forget about some of them, so it is suggested to do all 250 wins in one sitting, or no more than 2-3 sittings. It will take a while and be very boring, but if you're taking turns it shouldn't be too bad.

 Anti Hero (25 points)
Complete game on normal setting
 See "Legendary Dark" for more information.
 Legendary Dark (35 points)
Complete game on hard setting

This achievement stacks with "Anti Hero" so if you set the game to Hard from the beginning you will get both achievements. You can not beat the game on Normal or Easy first and then simply load the last level, you need to play the entire game.

Warning: For some reason, playing any multiplayer game while having a campaign going on Hard resets the difficulty to Normal and there is no way to reverse this. Make sure you do this achievement all by itself.

 Cannibal (25 points)
Devour 300 enemies
This total does not carry over between games, but there should be quite a few extra hearts in the game. Just make sure you eat the heart of every enemy you kill and you'll get this toward the end of the game.
 Fashionable (25 points)
Collect all the Darkling outfits

There are six darkling outfits. Make sure you get them as the game progresses, because you can't return to some of them.

Potato Sack: In Chinatown as soon as you exit the subway station right in front of you leaning on a wall.

Jungle Outfit: While escaping the first helicopter encounter, you are required to go through a pool hall. Once you exit the pool hall there is a bum, to the left is a door with a vent above it. Use your Creeping Dark to go vent and into the room where you will find the Jungle Outfit and a collectible.

Sledgehammer Outfit: When going to kill the last guy on Vinnie's list (by Shrote's appartment), there is an open window with a guy monitoring him. The outfit is on the wall to the right.

Lumberjack Outfit: When you help Dana in the Canal Street Station she will have you go to an apartment in Chinatown. In the apartment room is the outfit.

Fireman Outfit: In the room where you kill the snitch for Jimmy the Grape in Grinder's Alley.

Jackhammer Outfit: When traveling to the Turkish Baths in the abandoned subway station, you will see an old subway train. Inside the train is the outfit.

 Bringing People Together (5 points)
Trap 5 enemies within a Black Hole
Shortly after you get Black Hole, you will come to a police barracade with five people at it. Use the hole a bit in front of them and you should get all of them. You can also get it later when Terrence Willis wants you to kill some gang members, there are five that should be close together during this mission. You can also get this toward the end of the game at the mansion.
 Rogue Killer (15 points)
Kill 15 enemies using Creeping Dark
 See "Darkness Master" for more information.
 Void Bringer (15 points)
Kill 20 enemies using Black Hole
 See "Darkness Master" for more information.
 Gunner (15 points)
Kill 30 enemies using Darkness Guns
 See "Darkness Master" for more information.
 Ripper (15 points)
Kill 30 enemies using Demon Arm
 See "Darkness Master" for more information.
 Summoner (5 points)
Summon 5 Darklings
 See "Legendary Summoner" for more information.
 Legendary Summoner (25 points)
Summon 50 Darklings
Every time you see a portal, summon any type of darkling. There are plenty of portals throughout the game, but make sure you try to use every one so you don't miss out on this achievement.
 Darkness Master (100 points)
Only for those who are completely in tune with the Darkness
The stats for this achievement track over multiple games, but it is very easy to do in one game. Simply find a checkpoint where you get into a big fight afterward, then use a certain skill to kill all but one enemy. Let this enemy kill you and reload the last checkpoint. The game keeps your kills and adds them to your total and you can keep killing the same guys until each ability is at 100% - You can check your progress through the Achievements option of the pause menu.
 Roadkill (10 points)
Kill the workers in the tunnel
These workers are in the very beginning after the opening sequence while you are in the car. You don't run out of ammo or reload, so just keep shooting. You need to kill seven workers, so you can miss a few. They seem to die easier on lower difficulties, so do this on a new game if you can't get it right away.
 Ghandi (10 points)
Find a peaceful solution. At least momentarily

You will get this when you go to find Harry. You need to get the code from the man outside the compound, then tell that code to the guy at the door to get in. Tell Roach you want to talk to Harry. So long as you never pull a gun or bring out your Darkness tentacles, this should unlock.

 Romantic (10 points)
Real guys stick around for their ladies
 When you go to Jenny's apartment, she will ask you to stay and watch a movie with you. Simply don't touch the controller and she will eventually fall asleep.
 Heart of Gold (50 points)
Help those in need

This is unlocked by doing every side mission in the game. The list of missions is found in this thread on our forums, sixth post down.

Warning: Do not kill the bum in the bathroom at the beginning of the game or you will not be able to finish this achievement. You have to help him later in the game.

 Gunslinger (25 points)
Kill 7 enemies within 15 seconds
The best place to get this is at the machine at the end of the game. There are plenty of enemies. Keep going up the stairs at the beginning and you might get it while on the stairs. Otherwise, guys will keep pouring out the fron of the house and you should be able to get it then.
 Anti Air (15 points)
Bring down the Chopper
After getting the briefcase in the Turkish Baths, some soldiers will begin to rope out of the copter into the building. Aim up and use a Black Hole on the helicopter to bring it down. You can't do anything to the helicopter the first two times you see it, this is the only chance.
 Take a Look at the Sky (50 points)
Take down 6 airplanes.
The second time you enter the underworld, you get on a tank turret with planes flying around you. If you are coming to the end and have not unlocked the achievement, reload your last checkpoint and try again.
 Knuckle, Meet Face (5 points)
Perform a melee kill for the first time
While holding only one gun, press the left trigger to punch someone. You can also use the butt of your gun if you run out of ammo.
 Up Close and Personal (5 points)
Perform an execution move for the first time
 See "Legendary Executioner" for more information.
 Executioner (10 points)
Kill 25 enemies using execution moves
 See "Legendary Executioner" for more information.
 Picking Up Stuff (5 points)
Unlock a collectable for the first time
 See "Completionist" for more information.
 Gatherer (5 points)
Unlock 25 collectables
 See "Completionist" for more information.
 The Collector (10 points)
Unlock 50 collectables
 See "Completionist" for more information.
 The Obsessive Collector (15 points)
Unlock 75 collectables
 See "Completionist" for more information.
 Completionist (20 points)
Unlock 100 collectables
You can do this one of two ways: the way the game intended, which is to find all the letters and do all the side missions (click here for a guide to the letters and here for a guide to the side missions)  or the easy way, which is to simply input all the phone numbers that unlock the collectables. The list of phone numbers can be found here, but only the ones that say "collectable" next to them are the ones you need for this. There are only 73 phone numbers, because the remaining 27 are obtained from finding letters in the underground. Use the first link above for finding these letters, then once you are back in the normal world, mail them to yourself from a mailbox.
 Bullet Dodger (20 points)
Finish a multiplayer match with less than 5 deaths (minimum of 4 players)
Join any match where the kills to win is set to 10, then just hide in a corner somewhere as a darkling. The games end quickly, so you should not be found many times before then.
 Legendary Executioner (20 points)
Kill 50 enemies using execution moves
The soldiers in the underground do not die for real until you either use the Darkness Guns or eat their hearts. You can do an execution on them, then wait for them to get up and do another execution. Repeat this until you're done.
Secret Achievements
Beginnings (25 points)
Complete the first part of the game
 This is unlocked once you enter the underworld for the first time.
Into the Dark (50 points)
Complete the second part of the game
 This is unlocked once you enter the underworld for the second time.
Happy Birthday (25 points)
Acquire Creeping Dark
 This is unlocked once you exit the bathroom in the cemetary.
No Man's Land (25 points)
Acquire Demon Arm
 This is unlocked once you devour a heart in the underworld.
Crazy For You (25 points)
Acquire Black Hole
 This is unlocked by devouring a heart at the beginning of the Turkish Baths.
Hills (25 points)
Acquire Darkness Guns
 This is unlocked by getting to the top of the hill in the underworld and speaking to Death.
Darkling Master (15 points)
Acquire all Darkling types
 All the darklings are given to you as the game progresses.
One With the Dark (25 points)
Achieve maximum Darkness level
 This takes 180 hearts and will come along the way while working toward the "Cannibal" achievement.
Keeper of the Secret (10 points)
Someone's waiting by the phone
Throughout the game there are phone numbers hidden around the city on the walls and such. You can search for them all, or simply use the list found here.

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