Death Tank - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Tank Commander (25 points)
Attain the rank of Tank Commander.
This one will take a lot of time. You will rank up when you get points so score a lot of kills and this one and Maniac should be yours after about 15-20 hours.
 Hard Shot (5 points)
Shoot an enemy using full power.
Very easy achievement. Just hit an enemy with full power. If you have two controllers, set the other tank in front of you and shoot it, you don't have to destroy the tank just hit it.
 Revenge (15 points)
Eliminate your killer with your last dying shot and get REVENGE!
To get this you must shoot your enemy right after you have been killed and kill your enemy. With two controllers this one is really easy. Hurt yourself, so that both of you have twenty percent of your health, then shoot a Nuke in the air. When it is about hit you, shoot your Nuke at your opponent. When you are dead and the Nuke kills him the achievement will pop up.
 Cleanup (5 points)
Kill 2 enemy tanks with one nuke. "A nuke on the battlefield is worth two in the store."
To make this one easy, have Three controllers signed into the game. Take the two tanks that are going be the targets stand next to each other. First, hurt them with any weapon until they only have about twenty percent of their health left. Then shoot the Nuke and kill them both.

If you don't have three controllers, play against seven easy bots. Shoot at two tanks that are close to each other and you should kill them pretty easily.
 The Vice (20 points)
Kill an enemy while flying upside down.
First, go in to Options and turn off Jet Pack helper. Then, create a game and buy a Jet Pack. Now, when you press both and , you will start to fly and then press either or to spin. While you are upside down, shoot a tank and destroy it. Choose the Death's Hand for this one since it has a big spread and heavy damage.
 The Dex (20 points)
One shot an enemy tank using a straight up MIRV.
This is simple in "Create a Game". You are going to want to use a Target Comp, so activate it and make sure it is exactly straight up and down. Be sure to use full power because if you get hit by one projectile the other tank will not be destroyed. I drove my tank on top of the other tank that was standing still and then I aimed straight up in the air and when I made the shot, I drove away.
 Deadeye (15 points)
Hit and kill an enemy with 3 shells in a row. Each shell must be airborne for at least 1 second.
Buy the Target Comp and stand with each tank on both sides. Aim and shoot three shells and destroy the tank.
 Missile Master (25 points)
Hit an enemy with 3 missiles in a row. Each missile must spend at least 2 seconds in the air.
To get the achievement, begin by aiming almost straight up in the air and then shoot one missile. The missile will fly out of the screen, but will come back and hit the ground. Drive the other tank to the exact same spot where the missile landed and then just shoot three missiles and make sure that the missiles hit the tank.
 Jump (15 points)
Fly half the width of the screen and stick the landing... In under 5 seconds.
Buy a Jet Pack and fly from one side the other. Make sure you don't land upside down because then you must do it again.
 Veteran (10 points)
Rack up 50 on the Total Kills leaderboard.
  See "Maniac"
 Elite (20 points)
Rack up 250 on the Total Kills leaderboard.
  See "Maniac"
 Maniac (25 points)
Rack up 5000 on the Total Kills leaderboard.
This one will take alot of time, but here is an easy way to get a lot of kills. Create a game with seven easy bots. Turn on double money and $2,000, Charge speed fast and 100 rounds. Buy Death's Hand, which instant kills an enemy tank if you hit correctly and Target Comp to make sure that you hit your enemy.

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