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There are 12 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Expert Frog Launcher (50 points)
Get over 100 points on the Frog hop game at the Fair.
The fair opens up after you here Grandma Ruby talking to Mr. Bradley. You can do all the fair achievements during this time. I recommend waiting until later on into the game when Miley goes around the fair to collect stuffed animals. You are required to play these then, so waiting won't hurt.

The frog game requires you to land on the lily pads. Each one will give you different points. Move the to aim the launcher and then launch by pushing forward on the and then pulling back.

My tip would be this. Barely push the forward. Then pull back. This will hit directly in the middle easily. The game layout changes so if you get a bad set-up just try again.

 Perfect Aim (50 points)
Win the Bottle Toss game at the Fair.
Aim with the . Pull back then push forward on the to fire.

There is a strategy to this. I have came up with a fool proof way to beat this. This is the hardest achievement in the game and takes luck and good aim.

Stage One

Just pull back and push forward, nothing to this one.

Stage Two

Aim to the right. Pull backward, push forward. Then hit the rest of the bottles left. There should be one or two.

Stage Three

Aim in the middle. Then pull back and push forward. Make this a powerful throw. Now there should be two to three left. Just aim to the inside of the bottles (inside closest to the middle).

Stage Four

Aim in the middle. Then push all the way up on aim for the extra bag bottle. Then just aim in the middle of what is left. Cleanup the rest of the bottles by firing inside.

Stage Five

Aim to the inside and a little low.

Stage Six

Again, aim for the middle and a little low.

Stage Seven

This stage just takes aiming at the middle. You get three extra bags from the bottles. If you aim towards the middle (go inside and a little low) you can get this stage in three shots.

Stage Eight

Aim at the top of the stack. Then get the extra bag. Now cleanup the remaining bottles.

Stage Nine

Aim to the middle of the stacks. Then hit the extra bags. Now just do some cleanup of the remaining bottles.

Stage Ten

This is one of the easiest stages in my opinion. Start my pushing the all the way up. Fire and hit the bottle. Now move to the right just a little bit. Fire. Go back to the middle. Go left now. Fire. Go down a little bit to aim with the far left middle one. Fire. Go to the middle. Fire. Go to the right. Fire. Go down some now. Fire. Go to the middle of this row. Fire. Go to the left. Fire.

And that is all the stages there are. If you feel like you need more bags go for the extras first. If you prefer a visual example, check out the video below.

 Bullseye (50 points)
Win the Horse Races game at the Fair against three of your friends.
Just shoot the bulls eyes and fire at the Pegasus. Hook up three controllers, it doesn’t matter what they are as long as they have a green button to press. Then when it says ‘Press to join in’, press .
 Champion Rider (50 points)
Ride Blue Jeans 10 times at Ruby's Farm.
You can get this after talking to Travis and getting the horse food. Once you feed Blue Jeans you can ride him. Just repeat this ten times. While going through spam the button to get tokens to buy the clothes with.
 Professional (100 points)
Earn a 5 Star rating for a performance.

See ‘Superstar

 Superstar (150 points)
Earn a 5 Star rating on all songs.
To get a 5 star on a song you need to score over 100,000. This is easy once you get the hang of it. For guitar just move the up and down to line up with the buttons. Then when they are lined up press to ‘strum’. For drums just follow the movements needed, it is like DanceDanceRevolution. For the moves you have to do see this move guide made by NOTswaggers. For the singing the yellow notes are held down with , the blue notes are tapping . Keyboard is controlled with . Just move the three lines under the notes.

Here are the complete list of songs and their stages:

LA Concert Center:

Best of Both Worlds
Pumpin’ Up the Party

Petting Zoo:

Life’s What You Make It
Nobody’s Perfect


I Got Nerve
Just Like You

Meadow Hall:

Hoedown Throwdown

Country Barn:

Old Blue Jeans
We Got the Party

The Fair:

Rock Star
You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home

If you happen to miss a song's 5 star you can replay it in Quick Play. Just go to performance then look for the song's title. Play it through there.
 Rockstar (100 points)
Earn a 5 Star rating on each stage.

See ‘Superstar

 Hoedown Throwdown (50 points)
Perform the Hoedown Throwdown at Meadow Hall.

After getting Jackson from the deli you start doing the Hoedown Throwdown. Just complete it.

 Coop Fixer Upper (100 points)
Completely finish the chicken coop for Travis.
This is a multi-step story process. Here is a step by step guide.

To start you collect items around the yard.
Later on you have to pick up stuff from the fair after you go to the University for the first time.
After the University storyline you have to get a window from the Petting Zoo.
You have to go to Meadow Hall after Travis tries to ask you out. You pick up a wagon wheel.
You get a weather vane after your first date.

And once you put that in the coop you are finished.
 Crowley Meadows (150 points)
Save Crowley Meadows.

You get this achievement after you reveal your identity and complete the songs.

 Big Spender (100 points)
Buy 100 articles of clothing.
Each item of clothing cost one token. You get tokens from riding horses, playing games, and story mode. The stores do restock themselves after advancing in the story.
 Fashion Designer (50 points)
Decorate 30 items with the Hannah Box fashion designer.
After you own at least 30 items of clothing go to the Tour Bus. Once in the Tour Bus head towards the back to the little pink box. Then put a design on 30 different pieces of clothing. You can use the same design over again. There are no designs that need to be bought for this achievement, only the clothes.

Note: For a video walkthrough of the game, please see the guide made by NOTswaggers HERE.



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